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The USS Cairo (NCC-42136) was a Federation Excelsior-class explorer in service to Starfleet in the mid to late 24th century. Cairo had an illustrious service career. (ST reference: Star Trek Encyclopedia, Decipher RPG modules: Starfleet Operations Manual, Starships)


In 2354, the Cairo was performing a survey of an uncharted planet along the Cardassian border, when the first officer was ambushed and killed by Cardassians. As a result, Captain Ashford made Lieutenant Commander Edward Jellico, who had served aboard the Cairo for several years, first officer. When Ashford was killed during a Cardassian attack in 2360, Jellico was made captain of the Cairo. (TNG video game: Starship Creator)

During Captain Jellico's tenure aboard the Cairo, the starship was assigned to the Federation/Cardassian border. (Decipher RPG module: Starfleet Operations Manual)

In 2368, the Cairo was assigned to guard the Solarion system, which was home to a Federation civilian research outpost, Campagna Station. During this deployment, the Cairo detected a Cardassian Union science vessel, the CDS Harkon, at the edge of the system. When Captain Edward Jellico challenged the vessel regarding its presence in Federation space, the Harkon attacked Campagna Station. The Cairo quickly forced it to surrender, with the aid of a telemetry feed from the station. (ST comic: "Captain's Log: Jellico")

In 2369, the Cairo rendezvoused with the USS Enterprise-D for Jellico to assume command while Jean-Luc Picard performed a secret mission behind Cardassian lines. Jellico was tasked with trying to negotiate with the Cardassians to stop their invasion of Minos Korva, and negotiate the release of Captain Picard from Gul Madred. When the crisis was over, Jellico transferred back to the Cairo. (TNG episode: "Chain of Command", Parts I & II)

Following Jellico's promotion to admiral in 2370, Leslie Wong assumed command of the Cairo. (Decipher RPG module: Starships)

Circa 2371, the Cairo's crew worked alongside the crew of the Enterprise in searching for the missing USS Voyager. (DS9 comic: "Vacation's Over")

The starship's name is illegible in the comic book; however, the registry number is clear and the ship is clearly Excelsior-class.

In 2374, the Cairo was assigned to patrol the Romulan Neutral Zone, when she was engaged by Dominion forces that had entered Romulan space. The Cairo didn't survive the encounter. (DS9 episode: "In the Pale Moonlight")


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