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| icon1 = {{iconUFP|24th}} {{icon|starfleet 2370s insignia.jpg|Starfleet}}
| icon1 = {{iconUFP|24th}} {{icon|starfleet 2370s insignia.jpg|Starfleet}}
The '''USS ''Cam''''' was a [[Federation]] [[runabout]], a {{class|Danube}} [[spacecraft]] in [[Starfleet]] service during the late-[[24th century]], named after the {{w|River Cam}}, a [[water]]way on the [[planet]] [[Earth]].
The '''USS ''Cam''''' was a [[Federation]] [[runabout]], a {{class|Danube}} [[spacecraft]] in [[Starfleet]] service during the late-[[24th century]], {{named|ship}} after the {{w|River Cam}}, a [[water]]way on the [[planet]] [[Earth]].
==Service history and disposition==
==Service history and disposition==

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The USS Cam was a Federation runabout, a Danube-class spacecraft in Starfleet service during the late-24th century, named after the River Cam, a waterway on the planet Earth.

Service history and disposition

In the year 2384, the Cam was assigned to the Nebula-class starship, USS Newton, while it was on a research mission at the Nexus. (TNG eBook: The Stuff of Dreams)

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