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The USS Charas was a Federation starship in Starfleet service in the 2270s decade. Its commanding officer was Captain Thelin th'Valrass. (TOS novel: The Higher Frontier)

Service history and disposition[]

In 2279, the Charas was undergoing repairs at Andoria. After persuasion from Commander th'Valrass to join in defense of the human telepaths being targeted by the Naazh, Admiral Majurisa zh'Menlich promoted him to Captain and assigned him as the vessel's commander.

Following completion of the repairs, the Charas rendezvoused with the USS Reliant to transfer several dozen New Human refugees from them. However, that was interrupted by a distress call from the USS Enterprise. The Class J cargo ship, that had been heavily modified with chitinous armor and crystalline encrustations, emerged from a dimensional rift and the Charas and Reliant attempted to protect the Euryale.

Unsuccessful in their protection, the Charas's engines were disabled during the battle. Docking with the Reliant, who had been given a power boost, courtesy of the New Humans, the two ships made a hasty retreat from the battle.

Once the repairs to the Charas were complete, several of the Aenar rescued from the Euryale transported over with Thelin to modify the warp engines so the small vessel could keep up with Reliant. Unfortunately, the two Starfleet ships didn't make it deep into Medusan space before they were attacked by a trio of Naazh vessels.

When the Spectre Lords abandoned their hosts, the battle came to an end and Thelin beamed Haru Yamasaki over to the Charas to spend the rest of life facing who he truly was. With Medusa safe, the Charas returned to normal space to undergo repairs from the battle with the Naazh. (TOS novel: The Higher Frontier)



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