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The USS Chekov was a Federation Excelsior-class exploration cruiser starship in service to Starfleet in the 24th century. (TNG comic: "Loyalty")


In 2367, she was commissioned as a replacement for the USS Chekov (NCC-57302), which was lost at the Battle of Wolf 359. The new Chekov was placed under the command of Captain Morgan Korsmo. Commander Elizabeth Shelby also came aboard the Chekov as first officer. (TNG comic: "Loyalty")

Near the end of the year, the Chekov and the USS Repulse were called to assist the USS Enterprise-D after they had chased a Preserver planet-killer, which had been commandeered by Delcara, into Tholian territory. During the battle to try and stop the planet-killer, the Chekov was destroyed, but fortunately the bulk of the crew survived. (TNG novel: Vendetta)

Since the Chekov was not shown, it is impossible to be sure how to depict the ship's external appearance. For the purposes of this wiki, a standard Excelsior-class schematic and image are shown, even though Chekov might have belonged to a different subclass and/or another configuration.




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The dialogue of Vendetta seems to indicate that the Chekov was Korsmo's ship prior to the Battle at Wolf 359, but this would seem to conflict with canon. The episode used a starship model in the wreckage indicating another ship of the same name but of a different class was present and wrecked at the battle, despite Korsmo's regret that he was unable to join the forces in combat. While it would seem incongruous to have two ships with the same name, it is possible the wrecked Chekov had been mustered back into service after being decommissioned, but this is purely speculation.