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USS Cody

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| type = fed
image= [[Image:Ufp-emblem.jpg|200px]]|
| name = USS ''Cody''
name= USS Cody|
| image = [[file:saladin class side.jpg|220px|''Hermes''-class schematic.]]
class= [[Hermes class|Hermes]]|
| class = {{class|Hermes|scout}}
| registry = NCC-594
affiliation=[[Federation Starfleet]]|
| affiliation = [[Federation]], [[Starfleet]]
| launched = [[23rd century]]
| status = active ([[2260s]])
The '''USS ''Cody'' (NCC-594)''' was a [[23rd century]] [[Federation]] [[starship]], authorized on [[stardate]] 0965 by [[Starfleet]] for construction as a Mk VII {{class|Hermes|scout}} [[class I starship|class I]] [[scout]]. ({{r|TOS|Star Fleet Technical Manual}})
In [[2269]], the ''Cody'' detected several sphere-shaped battleships on course to attack Federation targets. [[James T. Kirk|Captain Kirk]] and the crew of the {{USS|Enterprise|NCC-1701}} responded to Cody{{'}}s call and discovered that a vast machine planet intelligence from a parallel universe called [[Nagha]] was behind the attacks. ({{ss|TOS|The Sleeping God}})
The [[USS Cody|'''''USS Cody'']] (NCC-594)''' was a [[Hermes class|''Hermes''-class]] [[Federation]] [[starship]] in service in the late [[23rd century|23rd]] and early [[24th century|24th centuries]]. ([[Star Trek|''ST'']] [[reference book]]: ''[[Star Fleet Technical Manual]]'').
{{hermes class scouts}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Cody 000594}}
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