The USS Coto (NCC-213) was a United Earth Poseidon-class cruiser starship in Earth Starfleet service in the 22nd century. The Coto was commanded by a Starfleet captain who Jonathan Archer of the Enterprise NX-01 knew as "Rick".

This ship was in active service around the year 2159, when it was was ambushed by three Romulan Swarm-class vessels while responding to a general distress call. The Coto took refuge in a protostellar nebula and sent out a distress call. The Enterprise responded and tractored the Coto out of the nebula, where it restarted its engines. Later, they assisted T'Uerell of the Vulcan ship Seleya, and escorted her to her starbase. When they arrived, they found it was under attack by Romulans. They defended the base until T'Uerell destroyed it. (ST video game: Legacy)

No specific history or definitive final fate was established for this vessel as its name was selected for a cruiser by the Legacy game developers, and is sometimes placed randomly when the ship appears.



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