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The USS Dallas (NCC-2019) was an Excelsior-class Federation starship in service in the late 23rd and 24th centuries. In the 2370s, the Dallas was commanded by Captain Galloway.

History[edit | edit source]

In 2380, the starship was attacked and boarded by biomechanical creatures. Fortunately Starfleet was able to recapture the vessel, when the USS Enterprise-E dispatched a Hazard Team, led by Lieutenant Alexander Munro, to defeat the creatures and re-establish control. After retaking the ship the Dallas was taken to the nearest starbase for repairs.

Its dedication plaque contained the comment "The last ship of her class." (TNG video game: Elite Force II)

This Federation starship was a continuation in a line of vessels, previously the USS Dallas (NCC-2759) also bore the name. (FASA RPG module: Federation Ship Recognition Manual)

Crew Manifest[edit | edit source]

Commanding officer:

Chief engineer:

Chief of security:

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