The USS Dauntless in 2374.

The USS Dauntless (NX-01-A) was a starship designed by Arturis of Species 116 during the 2370s. It employed quantum slipstream drive technology, which allowed it to go faster than the standard Starfleet warp scale. Although created by alien technology, the ship was modified to resemble Federation starships on the interior and exterior by the means of particle synthesis.

The Dauntless was equipped with an experimental quantum slipstream drive allowing it to travel 60,000 light-years in three months and was capable of traveling over fifteen light-years in only 30 minutes and 14 seconds, which otherwise took USS Voyager two days to cover at high warp.

In mid-2374, the crew of the USS Voyager was introduced to the Dauntless-class prototype.

Arturis nearly managed to trick them into believing that the ship was an advanced prototype sent by Starfleet to retrieve them from the Delta Quadrant. The ship was actually a part of Arturis' plan to take revenge on Voyager and its crew, whom he blamed for the assimilation of his species. He hoped to lure the crew of Voyager onto the ship and then send it into Borg space where they would also be assimilated. His plan failed and the ship was assimilated or destroyed with only Arturis on it upon entering Borg space. (VOY episode: "Hope and Fear")

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