This is an illustrated roster of Starfleet personnel assigned to starships named USS Defiant. This includes 23rd century Starfleet personnel (on the USS Defiant (NCC-1764)) and 24th century Starfleet personnel (on both the USS Defiant (I) and USS Defiant (II)).

For a simpler, un-illustrated list, see USS Defiant personnel.

USS Defiant (NCC-1764)Edit

name rank dates assignment rank insignia
Barrows, Tonia Lieutenant c. 2267[1]
Blair, Thomas captain d.2268[2] CO Yel Capt 2266
Garrovick, Stephen
Hamilton, Jane doctor d.2268[2] CMO
Mbugua,Kamau commander c.2268[2] XO Yel Cmdr 2266
Nyn,Clarissa lieutenant commander d.2268[3] chief science officer Blu Lt Cmdr 2266
Sabapathy, Ravishankar ensign c.2267[4]-68[2] chief communications officer 2260s ops sleeve
Serling captain c.2260s[5] CO 2250s conn captain sleeve
Shull, Terry lieutenant commander c.2268[3] gamma-shift atch officer Yel Lt Cmdr 2266
Stevok lieutenant commander c.2268[3] chief engineer Red Lt Cmdr 2266
Sutherland, Erin lieutenant commander c.2267[4]-68[3] chief science officer Blu Lt Cmdr 2266
T'Lehr lieutenant c.2267[4]-68[3][2] helmsman Yel Lt 2266
Willoughby, Mariah lieutenant c.2265[5] Red Lt 2266

USS Defiant (NX-74205) (I)Edit

name rank dates assignment rank insignia
Aaastaak, Virjaaj 2373[6] nurse
Rees, Arla commander 2374[7] 2370s cmd cmdr
Ba'M'eel ensign 2371[8]
Bashir, Julian lieutenant 2371[9]-75[10] chief medical officer 2370s sci lt
Blake, Helen lieutenant, junior grade c.2372[11] weapons officer Yel Lt jg 2371
Carson, Sarita ensign c.2372[12] conn officer Red Ens 2371
Dax, Ezri lieutenant, junior grade 2375[13] counselor/communications Officer 2370s sci ltjg
Dax,Jadzia lieutenant commander 2371[9]-74[14] science officer/conn officer/XO/CO 2370s sci ltcmdr
Eddington, Michael lieutenant commander 2371[9]-72[15] security chief Yel Lt Cmdr 2371
Heiser lieutenant d.2372[16] physician Blu Lt 2371
Ilario, Hector lieutenant, junior grade c.2375[17] conn officer Yel Lt jg 2373
Wabak, Joson lieutenant, junior grade c.2373[6]
Kelly lieutenant c. 2372[18] Engineer Yel Lt 2371
Kira Nerys colonel 2371[9]-75[10] Bajoran colonel (Lenaris)
Kirby, Angie Ensign c.2373[19]
Kizilbash lieutenant c.2373[20] conn officer
Koletta ensign 2373[21]
Ledonne ensign c.2372[16] nurse Blu Ens 2371
Meyer c.2371[22]
Muñiz, Enrique crewman d. 2373[23] engineer Yel 2371
Nog Ensign 2373[24]-75[10] conn officer Yel Ens 2373
O'Brien, Miles chief 2371[9]-75[10] chief engineer Yel SenCh Petty 2373
Odo Security Chief
Reese trooper
Reese, Paxton
Richter, Krissten ensign 2376 Nurse 2370s sci ens
Sisko, Benjaimn captain 2371[9]-73, 2374[11]-75[10] CO 2370s cmd capt
Stevens, Fabian crewman c.2372[12] engineer Yel 2371
Cregger Lor Mowlanish Dor Crixa Tel 2374 security
T'Rul subcommander 2371[9] overseer
Tutu tactical officer
Worf lieutenant commander 2372[11]-75[10] XO/security chief/tactical officer 2370s cmd ltcmdr

USS Defiant (NX-74205) (II)Edit

name rank dates assignment rank insignia
Bashir, Julian commander 2375-2385 chief medical officer 2370s sci cmdr
Boehm ensign c.2377
Bowers, Samaritan lieutenant c.2376 tactical officer Yel Lt 2373
Candlewood, John lieutenant Commander c.2376 science officer 2370s sci ltcmdr
Chao, Jeannette lieutenant Commander c.2380-2383 chief engineer Yel Lt Cmdr 2373
Dax, Ezri lieutenant c. 2376 XO 2370s cmd lt
Forte, Greg lieutenant c.2377 Tactical Officer Yel Lt 2373
Gervasi, Darrell lieutenant c.2377 Security Officer Yel Lt 2373
Heins, Quin lieutenant c.2377 Security Officer Yel Lt 2373
Jast, Tiris commander c.2375-76 CO 2370s cmd cmdr
Kira Nerys eaptain c.2376- CO 2370s cmd capt
Kurland, James captain c.2409
(alternate future)
CO Red Capt 2400s
Lankford ensign c.2376 relief helm officer 2370s cmd ens
Leishman, Mikaela ensign c.2377 assistant chief engineer Yel Ens 2373
McCallum, Aaron lieutenant c.2376 Security officer Yel Lt 2373
Minecci c.2377 security
Moore, Calvin lieutenant c.2377 security officer Yel Lt 2373
Neeley, Lisa lieutenant c.2377 security officer Yel Lt 2373
Nog lieutenant c.2384 chief engineer Yel Lt 2373
O'Brien, Miles senior chief petty officer 2375 chief engineer Yel SenCh Petty 2373
Rahim, Tariq lieutenant c.2376 science officer 2370s sci lt
Richter, Krissten lieutenant, junior grade 2370s sci ltjg
Ro Laren captain 2379- CO 2370s cmd capt
Roness, Gerda ensign c.2376 beta-shift helmsman 2370s cmd ens
Ross, William admiral c.2375 CO Red Vce Adm 2373
Senkowski, Jason
Sisko, Benjamin captain 2375, 2383 CO 2370s cmd capt
Sthili, Nancy c.2377
Stov c.2377 security
Tenmei, Prynn lieutenant 2376- helmsmann 2370s cmd lt
ch'Thane, Thirishar ensign 2376 chief science officer 2370s sci ens
Thron c.2377 security
T'rb ensign c.2376 science officer 2370s sci ens
Vaughn, Elias commander 2376-79 CO 2370s cmd cmdr
Worf lieutenant commander 2375 XO/tactical officer 2370s cmd ltcmdr
Zucca,Amy ensign c.2377 relief helmsman 2370s cmd ens

Crew GalleryEdit

USS Defiant (NCC-1764)Edit

USS Defiant (NX-74205)Edit

USS Defiant (NX-74205) (II) Edit


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