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USS Diadem

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| type = fed
| name = USS ''Diadem''
image=[[Image:Constellation class side view.jpg|200px|Constellation class image.]]|
| image = constellation side view.jpg
name=USS ''Diadem''|
| class = {{class|Constellation}} [[exploration cruiser]]
| affiliation = [[Federation]], [[Starfleet]]
| launched = [[reference stardate]] [[reference stardate 2273|2/7301]]
affiliation=[[Federation Starfleet]]|
| status = active ([[2364]])
launched=[[reference stardate]] [[2273 SFC|2/7301]]|
| registry = NCC-2521
| icon1 = {{iconUFP|24th}} {{icon|starfleet 2360s insignia.jpg|Starfleet}}
| altimage = constellation front.jpg
The '''USS ''Diadem''''' ('''NCC-2521''') was a [[Federation]] [[starship]], a {{class|Constellation}} [[exploration cruiser]] in [[Starfleet]] service in the [[24th century]].
The '''USS ''Diadem'' (NCC-2521)''' was a [[Federation]] {{class|Constellation}} [[heavy cruiser]] in service to [[Starfleet]] in the [[24th century]].
==Service history and disposition==
The ''Diadem'' was launched on [[stardate]] [[2273 SFC|2/7301]] (early [[2330s]]). ({{rpg|FASA RPG|Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual}})
This ship was built for service on [[reference stardate]] [[reference stardate 2273|2/7301]], and remained active into the [[2360s]] [[decade]]. ({{rpg|FASA RPG|Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual}})
{{Constellation class}}
{{constellation class}}
===Appearances and references===
[[Category:Federation starships|Diadem 002521]]
[[Category:Constellation class starships|Diadem 002521]]
* {{rpg|FASA RPG|Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Diadem 002521}}
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[[category:constellation class starships]]
[[category:24th century Federation starships]]
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