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The USS Dorothy Garrod (NCC-1892) was a Federation starship, a segmented science vessel in Starfleet service in the 2240s and 2250s decades. Its commander was the Human Captain Yindi Holden. (DSC novel: The Way to the Stars, DSC - Discovery Annual comic: "Captain Saru")

Service history and disposition[]

In the 2240s, Captain Yindi Holden was in command of the Dorothy Garrod. Most of its crew were scientists, with a small complement of engineers and security officers. At the time, Lieutenant Iain Tilly served on a year-long xenoarchaeology mission aboard the Garrod. The ship would often be out of contact with Earth.

Holden agreed to divert the Garrod from its mission to the non-aligned planet Zymne to recover Lieutenant Tilly's daughter Sylvia Tilly, whose mother, Siobhan, was a diplomat. Sylvia remained aboard the ship to further her training, and received schooling aboard, including from Captain Holden. During first contact on Vesnoy, the younger Tilly was out of her depth but resourceful enough to tweak the universal translator to salvage the mission and rescue Lieutenant Tilly's science team. (DSC novel: The Way to the Stars)

Following the end of the Federation-Klingon War of 2256-2257, when Sylvia served on USS Discovery, the newly-minted ensign received time off while Discovery underwent repairs at Earth. She took a shuttle to join the Dorothy Garrod on a mission in a migratory pocket nebula. The Orion pirate Virra seized the Dorothy Garrod there and detained its crew, including Tilly. When the Garrod failed to report in, Admiral Katrina Cornwell dispatched acting captain Commander Saru and the Discovery to rescue the science vessel if needed. Saru and his crew dealt with Virra and, outwitting her and her goons, recovered both the Garrod and her crew. (DSC - Discovery Annual comic: "Captain Saru")

When Discovery left Earth for Vulcan, Sylvia spoke with Iain Tilly on the Garrod about her acceptance into the command training program. (DSC novel: The Way to the Stars)




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