The USS Emmett Till was a Federation starship that Starfleet launched in the late 24th century. (ST reference: The Official Starships Collection)

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Background informationEdit

  • The vessel was designed by John Eaves.
  • In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary What We Left Behind, the writers established that the Emmett Till was commanded by Ezri Dax in the years after the series. Julian Bashir is the chief medical officer.
  • The Emmett Till will be a bonus issue of the Starships Collection, similar to the releases of the USS Titan and the USS Aventine.
  • The ship was named for Emmett Till, a young African American boy who was murdered by a lynch mob in Mississippi in 1955. Ira Steven Behr commented: "Hopefully if we ever do reach some approximation of the Gene Roddenberry paradisal 24th century that question would never have to be asked. It seems to me that in order to reach a complete and healthy society we need to do two things. One, the historical record is broken and needs to be fixed. There’s lots of information floating around, but very little context. The past is no longer even prologue, it’s pretty much ignored. Two, we have to own our mistakes, our failures. Again, it seems to me that unless we recognize and remember our mistakes, embrace them, we are doomed to repeat them over and over and over again. Say hello to the 21st century. So, if I’m living on Federation Earth 300 years from now it would make me feel good to know that as Starfleet sails among the stars Emmett Till is sailing along with them. He is remembered. We own his story. He is part of our journey" [1]
  • Other inspirations for the name of the vessel were individuals like Medgar Evers and Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, and events like Wounded Knee. [2]


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