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This is an illustrated roster of Starfleet personnel assigned to starships named USS Endeavour.

Crew manifest

USS Endeavour (NCC-06)

name date of service Position rank or rate rank insignia
Abnett 2164[1] Security officer crewman
Alonzo, Benedetta
Bragen, Bernard 2165[2] Security officer Ensign Sec ens 2160s.png
Chiang, Marie 2164[1] Crewman
Curry 2163[3]
Cutler, Elizabeth 2162[3] chief science officer Lieutenant Sci lt 2160s.png
Janley, Pamela
Kimura, Takashi 2161[3] Armory officer Lieutenant Commander Sec ltcmr 2160s.png
Legatt, Ian 2164[1] Security officer Crewman
Money, Sascha 2163[3]
Ortega, Pedro chief helmsman Ensign Cmd ens 2160s.png
Phlox 2162[3] CMO Doctor
Reed, Malcolm XO Commander Cmd cmr 2160s.png
ch'Revash, Aranthanien
Romaine, Michel 2163[3] Chief Engineer Eng-ops cmr 2160s.png
Sato, Hoshi 2162[3] Protocol & Communications officer Lieutenant commander Sci ltcmr 2160s.png
Teska 2163[3] security officer crewman
T'Pol 2161[3] CO Captain Cmd capt 2160s.png
Valmar, Bayani
Zircher 2164[1] security officer crewman
Goldser 2156[4] XO Commander Earth cmd cmdr.png
Reynard, Stephen CO Captain Earth cmd capt.png
Stiles, Esther Armory officer Lieutenant Earth ops lt.png
Winchester CO Captain Earth cmd capt.png

Crew gallery

USS Endeavour (NCC-1805) (Kelvin timeline)

name date of service Position rank or rate rank insignia
Chekov, Pavel 2263-[5] Navigator/Tactical officer Lieutenant 2250s alt cmd lt.png
Darwin Navigator
Ellix Science officer 2250s alt sci lt.png
Groffus CMO Doctor
Hila 2263[6] Engineer Lieutenant 2250s alt ops lt.png
Jaxa 2258[7] Cadet 2250s alt cadet collar.png
Keenser 2263[6]- Engineer Lieutenant 2250s alt ops lt.png
Kirk, James T. 2263-[5] CO Captain 2250s alt cmd capt.png
McCoy, Leonard medical officer Lieutenant Commander 2250s alt sci ltcmdr.png
Murcia Communications officer Lieutenant 2250s alt ops lt.png
Scott, Montgomery 2263[6] Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander 2250s alt ops ltcmdr.png
Sulu, Hikaru XO 2250s alt cmd ltcmdr.png
Valas [5]-2263[8] XO Commander 2250s alt cmd cmdr.png
Zahra 2263[9] Security officer Lieutenant 2250s alt ops lt.png

Crew gallery

USS Endeavour (NCC-1895)

name date of service Position rank or rate rank insignia
Brad 2265[10] Science officer
And sh'Dastisar 2265[11] Crewman 2260s lv sleeve.png
Estrada, Hector 2268[12] Communications officer Lieutenant Red Lt 2266.png
Garrett, Rachel 2311, 2321[13] Lieutenant
Griffin, Bruce
Halse 2265[10] Ensign
Khatami, Atish 2265[14] XO/CO[15] Captain Yel Capt 2266.png
Klisiewicz, Stephen Science officer Lieutenant[16]
LaMartina, Karen
La Sala, Jeanne 2265[17] Security officer Lieutenant 2260s ops sleeve.png
Leone, Anthony CMO Doctor
Malmat, Bonnie
McCormack, Marielise 2265[11] Navigator Lieutenant Yel Lt 2266.png
Paul McGibbon 2265[14]-68[12] deputy security chief Lieutenant Red Lt 2266.png
Bersh glov Mog 2265[11]-2268[18] Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Red Lt Cmdr 2266.png
Muller 2265[10] Command division Lieutenant Yel Lt 2266.png
Nauls Security officer
Neelakanta Helmsman
Norton, Paul 2265[10]-68[18] beta shift bridge officer Lieutenant Commander Yel Lt Cmdr 2266.png
Rice, Mary-Anne 2251-60[19] CO Captain Uniform sleeve.
th'Shendileth 2265[11] Ensign 2260s lv sleeve.png
Sikal 2265[10] Nurse
Katherine Stano XO Lieutenant commander Yel Lt Cmdr 2266.png
Thorsen 2268[18] Navigator/Tactical officer
Sheng, Zhao 2265[11] CO Captain Yel Capt 2266.png

Crew gallery

USS Endeavour (NCC-71805)

name date of service Position rank or rate rank insignia
Amasov, Joseph 2367[20]-73[19] CO Captain 2370s cmd capt.png
Barnes, Constance 2372[21] counselor
Nikolas Kyprios 2371[21] CO Captain Red Capt 2364.png

Crew gallery


Notes and references


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