USS Enterprise-A.

This is an illustrated roster of Starfleet personnel assigned to USS Enterprise-A.

For a simpler, un-illustrated list, see USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) personnel.

List[edit | edit source]

name rank(s) position(s) timeframe insignia
Allocca weapons trainee c.2286 Epaulet insignia.
Arex Na Eth commander helmsman c.2286 Shoulder insignia.
Arons weapons trainee c.2286 Epaulet insignia.
Bearclaw, William ensign security, tactical officer c.2286 Shoulder insignia.
Benson weapons trainee c.2286 Epaulet insignia.
Bloemker ensign security, tactical officer d.2286 Shoulder insignia.
Bryce, Nancy ensign navigator c.2286 Shoulder insignia.
Boyajian security c.2286 Epaulet insignia.
"Bob" c.2287
Bull, Emma navigator c.2287 Epaulet insignia.
Lia Burke Lieutenant commander Chief Nurse c.2286 2270s-2350 med lcdr.png
Burke yeoman d.2293 Epaulet insignia.
Castille Lieutenant c.2286 Epaulet insignia
Chapel, Christine commander medical officer c.2287 Shoulder insignia.
Chekov, Pavel commander security chief, tactical officer, navigator 2286-2293 Shoulder insignia.
Christiano, Joe ensign helmsman 2293 Shoulder insignia.
Codobach Commander night watch Helmsman 2286 Shoulder Insignia
Connors, Brian lieutenant computer specialist 2287 Shoulder insignia.
Chu 2287 Shoulder insignia.
Clev lieutenant communications officer 2287 Shoulder insignia.
Codobach lieutenant commander helmsman or engineer c.2286 Shoulder insignia.
Delaney, Chip engineer c.2287 Epaulet insignia.
Devereaux ensign science officer c.2293 Shoulder insignia.
Fariss lieutenant transporter chief 2293 Shoulder insignia.
Fucci weapons trainee c.2286 Epaulet insignia.
Finney, Jamie lieutenant junior grade trainee 2287 Epaulet insignia.
Fouton ensign security 2287 Epaulet insignia.
Hunter enlisted security c.2288 Sleeve insignia.
Isenberg weapons trainee c.2286 Epaulet insignia.
Jackson enlisted security c.2288 Sleeve insignia.
Kirk, James T. captain commanding officer 2286-2293 Epaulet insignia.
Kaminsky weapons trainee c.2286 Epaulet insignia.
Konom ensign 2286 Shoulder insignia.
Kopman Lieutenant Security officer c. 2288 2285 Lt Cmdr Ep Grey.png
Laria nurse 2287
Lee, Thomas security d.2287 Shoulder insignia.
Li, Kathy navigator 2287 Shoulder insignia.
Ludlo lieutenant commander navigator c.2286 Shoulder insignia.
McCoy, Leonard commander chief medical officer 2286-2293 Shoulder insignia.
McIntyre tactical officer c.2287
McMurphy, Sal lieutenant junior grade trainee c.2287
Meyer security c.2286 Epaulet insignia.
Michaels, Sean Ensign Security officer c.2288 2270s-2350 Eng Ens.png
M'Ress, Shiboline lieutenant commander communications officer 2286 Shoulder insignia.
M'yra lieutenant junior grade science officer 2287 Shoulder insignia.
Popov, Nina Lieutenant junior grade medical intern 2290 Shoulder insignia.
Rasche security c.2287
Roth, Alma engineering officer 2286 - 2287
Saavik lieutenant junior grade navigator, helmsman c.2287, 2290-c.2292 Shoulder insignia.
Samno crewman yeoman d.2293 Epaulet insignia.
Scott, Montgomery captain chief engineer, second officer 2286-2293 Shoulder insignia.
Sherwood, Elizabeth ensign helmsman c.2286 Shoulder insignia.
Spock captain executive officer, chief science officer 2286-2293 Epaulet insignia.
Sterno security c.2286
Sulu, Hikaru commander helmsman, third officer 2286-2290 Shoulder insignia.
Tuchinsky, Sara transporter chief c.2287-2290s Epaulet insignia.
Uhura, Nyota commander communications officer 2286-2293 Shoulder insignia.
Valeris ensign, lieutenant commander trainee, helmsman c.2290s, 2293 Shoulder insignia. Shoulder insignia.
Wetherell commander medical officer c.2287 Shoulder insignia.

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