After the return of Voyager, the hazard team aboard went their separate ways—the team was split up and reassigned to several different posts across Federation space. Munro was assigned to teach at Starfleet Academy, Chell was assigned to a research outpost, and Telsia was assigned to another starship due to the incompetence of Starfleet Functionary Stemmons. Fortunately, Captain Jean-Luc Picard viewed Lieutenant Munro's impressive tactics during a holodeck training simulation, and concluded that he wanted the Hazard Team aboard the Enterprise. Retaining most of the core members, the Enterprise incarnation consisted of a few new faces.


Hazard Team group photo - 2380

Members of the Hazard Team from the Enterprise-E in 2380.

  • Lieutenant Alexander Munro is now leader of the team, and works tielessly towards improving himself and the team at large now that they serve aboard the Federation's flagship.
  • Ensign Telsia Murphy now serves as second-in-command, and maintains a cool head even in the most bleak of situations. She and Munro have grown very close, and completely rely on one another to accomplish their mission.
  • Ensign Austin Chang, the Hazard Team's demolitionist, is now less introverted and more accepting of social situations. This lead to a passion to develop in Chang which allowed him to take the defense of his team and ship much more seriously.
  • Ensign Korban was a student of Munro's at the Academy, and has taken the position of weapons specialist and quartermaster. He can usually be found in the ship's Armory, testing new weapons.
  • Ensign Chell realized that serving at a research outpost on a backwater planet was not the most idyllic of assignments and was happy to be transferred back to the Hazard Team. He was also ecstatic at the fact of serving aboard a Sovereign class starship.
  • Ensign Jorge Gonzales was one of the crewmembers from the USS Dallas who was evacuated to the Attrexian Space Station when the starship came under attack by the Exomorphs. After helping Lieutenant Munro help save the Attrexians on the station, he returned to the Enterprise where an impressed Munro requested his transfer to the Hazard Team as a covert operations expert.
  • Ensign Sydney Stockman is a fresh graduate from Starfleet Academy's class of 2380, and specializes as the team's pilot for certain away missions that cannot be reached via transporter. Young and idealistic, Sydney never ceases to be the closest thing to a Hazard Team cheerleader.


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