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This is an illustrated roster of Starfleet personnel assigned to USS Enterprise (NCC-1701).

For a simpler, un-illustrated list, see USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) personnel.

Crew manifest

name rank(s) position(s) timeframe insignia
Abdelnaby transporter operator c.2250s[1] Uniform sleeve image.
Abernathy crewman c.2270s[2] Uniform sleeve image.
Abrams, Robert chief petty officer security/engineer/technician c.2260s[3] Sleeve image.
Ackroyd, Donald ensign science officer 2269[4] Sleeve image.
Adams crewman c.2270[5] Uniform sleeve insignia.
Adamski lieutenant c.2267[6] Sleeve insignia image.
Agbadudu crewman c.2269[7] Sleeve image.
Ahrens crewman c.2270s[2] Sleeve image.
Aiello, Pat nurse c.2260s[8] Uniform sleeve image.
Akrumba lieutenant bridge officer c.2267[9] Uniform sleeve rank insignia image.
al Auriga, Beranardi commander security chief c.2285[10] Lapel insignia image.
Alan crewman security c.2269[11] Uniform sleeve image.
Alden, Daniel lieutenant communications officer c.2265[12] Uniform sleeve image.
Aledort, Larry c.2275[13] Uniform sleeve image.
Amaar technician c.2273[14] Uniform sleeve image.
Amekentra c.2275[13] Uniform sleeve image.
Ames crewman c.2267[15] Uniform sleeve image.
Amin lieutenant navigator c.2254[16]
Amstel ensign science officer c.2269[17] Uniform sleeve image.
Anderson 2273[18]
Anderson, Jon c.2266[19]
Andres engineer c.2268[20]
AndrusTaurus doctor c.2270[21] Uniform sleeve image.
Robert April captain CO c.2243[22]-51[23]
Aragonés, Juan sergeant security officer c.2277[24] Uniform sleeve image.
Arbee lieutenant c.2268[25]
Arex Na Eth lieutenant navigator 2269[26]-70[27] Uniform sleeve rank insignia image.
Jenniver Aristeides c.2270[28]
Arrunja, Maximo Alisaunder lieutenant commander security officer c.2270s-80s[29] Uniform image.
Asherman security c.2267[30]
Athendë lieutenant maintenance c.2275[13]
Atkins, Doris Yeoman c.2267[31]
Austin crewman c.2270s[2]
Avitts, Candra lieutenant science officer c.2267[32] Uniform image.
Azuela ensign relief communications officer c.2268[33]
Bailey, David lieutenant navigator c.2266[3] Uniform image.
Bardoli security c.2268[34]
Barnhart crewman 2266[35]
Barrasso security c.2275[36]
Barrows,Tonia yeoman c.2267[37]
Barry, Caitlin lieutenant commander chief engineer c.2253[38] Uniform sleeve rank insignia image.
Bartholomew crewman c.2269[7]
Bates, Paul c.2269[39]
Baxter c.2267[40]
Bearclaw, William ensign weapons officer 2285[41] Uniform image.
Beason, Henry lieutenant 2265[42]
Beltre ensign security c.2265[42] Uniform sleeve rank insignia image.
Berganza ensign c.2267[43] Uniform sleeve image.
Bergdahl lieutenant lab chief c.2268[44] Uniform sleeve rank insignia image.
Bergstresser, Marta security c.2277[24]
Berkeley lieutenant science officer/transporter operator c.2266[35]
Berry ensign cartographer c.2269[17] Uniform image.
Bhutto lieutenant navigator c.2275[36]
Bischoff crewman c.2270s[2]
Blankhuis, Joes doctor c.2275[45]
Boggs, Nathan crewman security c.2269[46]
Bolek biologist c.2273[47] Uniform image.
Boma, Samuel lieutenant science officer c.2266[48]-67[49] Uniform image.
Borido lieutenant commander security chief c.2269[11]
Bounds ensign security c.2268[11]
Boyce, Phillip lieutenant commander CMO 2246[50] - 64[51] Uniform image.
Bradley, Pat ensign engineer c.2277[24] Uniform image.
Brand ensign c.2270s[2] Uniform image.
Brassard crewman c.2270s[2]
Brennan security c.2269[52] Uniform image.
Michael, Brenner cadet 2245[53] Uniform image.
Brent, Clifford lieutenant specialist c.2266[3] Uniform image.
Bretton c.2268[20]
Brownell, Leo admiral construction chief engineer c.2240s[22] Uniform image.
Brubaker ensign relief helmsman c.2270[54] Uniform image.
Bryce, Nancy ensign helm/navigation c.2285[41] Uniform image.
Bryce, Pete lieutenant security c.2253[38] Uniform image.
Buchanan commander c.2268[20]
Buchert, Jacob lieutenant security c.2260s[55]
Burdock engineer c.2268[56] Uniform image.
Burke, Lia lieutenant commander head nurse c.2276[2]
Burns ensign quartermaster c.2267[57]- Uniform image.
Burnstein, Michael lieutenant chief engineer 2254[50]
Calder lieutenant operations officer c.2267[58]
Calloway physicist 2269[59] Uniform sleeve.
Canfield crewman c.2270s[2]
Cappa yeoman c.2267[60]
Carlisle lieutenant security 2267[61]
Carlotti, Gabrielle head nurse 2254[23]
Carmen, Philip medical technician c.2268[56]
Carter c.2259[62]
Carver lieutenant security c.2269[63]
Castanuela crewman c.2269[7]
Cayman c.2254[64]
Celaux, Joanna engineering technician c.2268[56]
Chang lieutenant c.2267[9]
Chapel, Christine commander assistant CMO c.2265[42]-85[65] Uniform image.
Charvat, Andre lieutenant commander assistant chief science officer c.2268[11]
Chase, Steve crewman c.2268[56]
Chekov, Pavel lieutenant security chief/tactical officer 2267[41]-85[65]
Chen ensign c.2281[66]
Chesterton crewman c.2268[56]
Cheung, Marietta lieutenant commander chief navigator c.2264[67]
Chevalier ensign security c.2270[68]
Chin-Riley, Una lieutenant commander XO/helmsman c.2254[23]-2264[51]
Ching security 2269[69]
Christina ensign communications officer c.2259[70]
th'Clane, Shantherin security c.2271[71]
Claremont crewman c.2270s[2]
Cleary, Mike lieutenant engineering technician c.2273[72] Uniform image.
Coffey c.2275[36]
Collins, Tom lieutenant security c.2277[24] Uniform image.
Colt, J. Mia yeoman petty officer/ crewman c.2254[73] Uniform image.
Colt yeoman c.2258[74]
Compton crewman security 2268[75]
Connolly, Evan lieutenant science officer 2257[76]
Connors crewman medical technician c.2266[77]
Cordell ensign c.2270[78]
Cordova, Juan ensign security c.2269[79] Uniform image.
Cortejo Alvarez, Eduardo surgeon c.2268[80]
Cortez ensign engineer c.2267[43]
Crandall, Ginny lieutenant c.2275[45]
Crandall, Julia c.2267[81]
Croy ensign navigator 2285[29] Uniform image.
Cusack, Dermot Yeoman 2254[82]
Czyzak backup communications officer c.2269[11]
D'Amato, Robert lieutenant Geologist c.2268[83] Uniform image.
Dabisch communications officer c.2254[50]
Dahai Iohor Naraht lieutenant c.2275[2]
Darnell, Scott crewman security c.2265[35]
Davidson security 2275[36]
Davis crewman c.2266[48]
Davis engineer c.2267[84]
Davoff, Bish ensign security c.2269[11] Uniform image.
De Broek c.2275[45]
Dean c.2266[85]
Decker, Willard Captain CO c.2273[72] Uniform image.
Deckert lieutenant c.2277[86]
Dehner, Elizabeth psychiatric doctor c.2265[12] Uniform image.
Dennehy c.2270s[87]
Denton c.2266[88]
Sean DePaul lieutenant helmsman/navigator c.2267[89]
DeRoos ensign engineer c.2270[90] Uniform sleeve rank insignia image.
DeSalle lieutenant navigator/ assistant chief engineer c.2267[91]
Dezago lieutenant relief communications officer c.2265[92] Uniform image.
Dick crewman c.2267[9]
Dickinson, Angela Nurse c.2268[4]
DiFalco, Marcella chief navigator c.2273[72] Uniform image.
Dixon engineer c.2268[56] Uniform image.
Dobius lieutenant security c.2273[93]
Domenick ensign navigator c.2282[94] Uniform image.
Duane doctor c.2279[94] Uniform image.
Dyson, Diana lieutenant Neurologist/Doctor c.2268[80] Uniform image.
Eckert crewman c.2268[56]
Eisenberg crewman c.2275[2]
Emigh lieutenant security c.2273[95]
Endel lieutenant JG security c.2253[38] Uniform image.
Erickson, Alexander medical technician c.2268[56]
Erickson, Ted lieutenant historian c.2269[39]
Errgang, Theresa lieutenant A & A officer c.2268[96]
Everts ensign security [55]
Farrell, John lieutenant navigator c.2267[97]
Feder crewman c.2275[2]
Ferris lieutenant security c.2267[98]
Fields crewman security c.2266[99] Uniform image.
Finney, Benjamin lieutenant commander records officer c.2267[100] Uniform image.
Fisher, Edward Geological Technician c.2266[101] Uniform image.
Fitzgerald c.2268[4]
Florida, Carlos lieutenant helmsman c.2246[102]
Flynn, Mandala lieutenant commander security chief c.2270[28] Uniform image.
Follett, Sharon lieutenant science officer c.2268[11]
Foster lieutenant JG Electronic specialist c.2285[65] Uniform image.
Foster c.2266[103]
Fox, Maude security c.2277[24]
Frank, David ensign relief science officer c.2267[104] Uniform sleeve image.
Franklin security c.2269[69] Uniform image.
Fredericks c.2285[105]
Freeman, Jerry lieutenant security c.2267[106] Uniform image.
Friedman security c.2270s[107] Uniform sleeve image.
Frietas, Jorge yeoman c.2270[108]
Frost ensign engineer/pilot c.2268[11]
Fuller, Sam crewman security section chief c.2266[109]
Gabriel crewman c.2268[20]
Gaetano lieutenant 2267[49]
Galaym engineer c.2275[45]
Galloway sergeant security chief c.2277[107] Uniform image.
Galloway, Dave lieutenant security c.2267[110] Uniform image.
Gardner engineer c.2269[26]
Garrison chief petty officer communications officer c.2254[73]
Garrovick (II), Stephen ensign security c.2268[34]
Garvey crewman c.2269[7]
Gilden ensign Historian c.2270[111]
Giotto, Barry commander security chief c.2267[112] Uniform image.
Goldstein ensign 2275[36]
Gordon lieutenant technician c.2268[32]
Moves-With-Burning-Grace lieutenant commander chief engineer 2254[23]-62[113] Uniform image.
Grant engineer c.2268[56] Uniform image.
Green ensign helmsman 2265[35] Uniform image.
Greene, Karen yeoman materials officer c.2267[114] Uniform image.
Grenni, R Cadet 2285[29]
Griggs Cadet c.2243[53]
Haarv helmsman c.2279[94]
Hadley, Bill lieutenant helmsman/navigator c.2267[6] Uniform image.
Haley lieuteant science officer c.2282[94] Uniform image.
Hall, Veronica communications officer c.2249[115]
Hemmer commander chief engineer c.2259[116]
Beggs Hansen lieutenant helmsman c.2267[100][117]
Hardin, Amoreena lieutenant security chief c.2251[118] Uniform image.
Harper, Ali ensign engineer c.2268[119]
Harris yeoman c.2266[120]
Hazarstennaj lieutenant engineer c.2265[67]
Hendorff ensign security 2267[121] Uniform image.
Hernandez, Octavio ensign planetary sciences specialist c.2268[11] Uniform image.
Hevelin crewman security c.2268[11] Uniform image.
Hilg science officer c.2275[45]
Hinch nurse c.2265[122]
Hixon, Bill lieutenant security c.2268[11]
Hoffman, Marshall captain CO c.2264(alternate reality)[123]
Homeyer, Faith lieutenant commander physicist c.2267[124]
Hornick crewman c.2270[125]
Howard ensign c.2275[36]
Hrdina c.2275[36]
Huff crewman security c.2268[11] Uniform image.
Hunt crewman c.2266[85] Uniform image.
Hwavirë ensign navigator c.2275[2] Uniform sleeve image.
Ilia lieutenant navigator MIA, 2273[72] Uniform rank insignia image.
Irizarry doctor/scientist c.2268[33] Uniform sleeve image.
Ita, Maggie lieutenant navigator c.2270[54]
Ivers, Carey medical technician c.2268[56]
Ix crewman c.2269[7]
Jackson lieutenant 2267[126] Uniform image.
Jaeger, Karl lieutenant meteorologist/planetologist c.2267[91]
Jagr security c.2275[36]
Jakorski crewman 2267[127]
Jamal, Zahra Yeoman c.2267[15]
Jameson, Michael ensign security c.2267[128] Uniform image.
Jamison security 2269[129]
Jaramillo yeoman c.2268[33]
Jeffreys 2268[4]
Jennings security c.2267[30]
Johnson, Bill ensign c.2268[11] Uniform image.
Jones yeoman c.2265[130]
Jordan ensign c.2267[131]
Josephs lieutenant security c.2267[132]
Kaplan lieutenant security 2267[121] Uniform image.
Kasatsuki engineer c.2285[29]
Kellum lieutenant security c.2267[9]
Kelly security 2267[112] Uniform image.
Kelowitz, Rogelio lieutenant tactical aide c.2267[49]
Kelso, Lee lieutenant navigator 2265[12] Uniform image.
Kent c.2266[103]
Kerasus, Janíce Linguist c.2265[13]
Kerby, Sam ensign Shuttle pilot c.2267[133]
Khalifa c.2270s[2]
Kingcome 2254[134]
Kirk, George Samuel, Jr. lieutenant science officer c.2259[116]
Kirk, George Samuel Sr. commander XO c.2243[22] Uniform image.
Kirk, James T. Rear Admiral CO 2264[67]-85[65] Uniform image.
Konom ensign technician c.2285[105] Uniform image.
Korren c.2270s[2]
Krejci, Tom c.2270s[2]
Krisp crewman doctor c.2266[135]
Kroad science officer c.2258[74]
Kugel engineer c.2273[72]
Kukar crewman c.2269[136]
Kulessa lieutenant c.2266[48]
Kursley lieutenant commander chief engineer c.2245[137]
Kwan lieutenant c.2270[54]
Ky,Tran Van cadet c.2284[138]
Kyle, John lieutenant transporter/assistant chief engineer/helmsman c.2267[139]-2273[18]
Lance ensign operations officer c.2259[62]
Landon, Martha lieutenant c.2267[121] Uniform sleeve rank insignia image.
Lang lieutenant commander tactical officer c.2267[89] Uniform sleeve rank insignia image.
Langsam c.2270s[2]
Latimer, Reese lieutenant navigator 2267[49] Uniform image.
Lawton, Tina yeoman, 3rd class science division c.2266[109]
Ledoux, Monique ensign c.2274[94] Uniform image.
Lee, Azrieh helmsman c.2275[2] Uniform image.
Lemieux ensign assistant security chief c.2275[36]
Lemli, Roger ensign engineer/ security c.2268[119]
Lerner, Seth lieutenant security c.2270[140]
Leskanich crewman security c.2266[141] Uniform image.
Leslie lieutenant commander security chief c.2265[41]-79[94] Uniform image.
Levitz security c.2267[30]
Liftig lieutenant Nurse c.2275[142] Uniform image.
Lihwa ensign c.2270s[2] Uniform image.
Lindstrom, Christopher lieutenant Sociologist c.2267[130]-2267[110] Uniform image.
Litt c.2270s[2]
Livinger 2269[4]
Loi sergeant crewman c.2266[143]
London, Robbie ensign c.2270s[2] Uniform image.
Louvier chief engineer c.2257[144]-59[74]
Lowrey, Theodore ensign science officer c.2268[4]
Lydia ensign engineer c.2273[145] Uniform image.
Mann lieutenant tactical officer c.2258[74]
Maass, Diane c.2270s[2]
Maass, Donald c.2270s[2]
MacPherson, Alec assistant chief engineer c.2269[146]
Malkson c.2270s[2]
Mallory lieutenant security 2267[121] Uniform image.
Manning security c.2267[30]
Manprasad, Vanani Geologist c.2266[147]
Marple lieutenant security 2267[121] Uniform image.
Martin 2268[4]
Martine, Angela lieutenant communications/weapons officer c.2266[99]-69[148] Uniform image.
Marvick, Lawrence engineer 2268[149]
Masaryk lieutenant security c.2267[9]
Mascali lieutenant transporter operator c.2270[54]
Mason scientist c.2268[119] Uniform image.
Masters, Vanessa lieutenant engineer [150]
Mathee c.2284[138]
Mathews, Ethan crewman security 2266[151] Uniform image.
Matlock, Colin security chief c.2270s[2] Uniform image.
Matson, Larry lieutenant c.2266[152]
Matthews security c.2269[129]
Maudie ensign c.2264[153] Uniform image.
M'Benga, Jabilo medical officer c.2267[127]-2269[129]
McConel, Heather c.2267[32]
McCoy, Leonard commander CMO 2265[67]-70[154], 2273[72]-85[65] Uniform image.
McGivers, Marla lieutenant historian c.2267 Uniform image.
McNair, Teresa c.2270[79] Uniform image.
Mears yeoman c.2267[49] Uniform image.
Mendoza, Angela lieuteant technician 2268[4]
Mendoza, Serigo security c.2277[24]
Merlino c.2277[107] Uniform image.
M'Gura crewman 2267[127]
Michaluk, Kevin ensign c.2270[78] Uniform image.
Mitchell, Gary lieutenant commander 2nd officer/helmsman c.2264[67]-65[12] Uniform image.
Mitchell, Jenna Lieutenant Navigator c.2259[116]
Miñambrés crewman c.2270s[2]
Mohindas, Sita lieuteant helmsman c.2254[23] Uniform image.
Montgomery crewman security c.2267[114] Uniform image.
Moody, Wade c.2269[136]
Moore, Mark crewman c.2268[11] Uniform image.
Moreau, Marlena lieutenant chemist c.2267[155] Uniform image.
Morris c.2270s[2]
Moskowitz, Minnie yeoman, 3rd class c.2269[7]
Mosley c.2275[2]
M'Ress, Shiboline lieutenant communications officer 2269[156]
M'turr sub-lieutenant c.2268[157]
Mueller, Hans technician c.2269[4]
Mulhall, Ann lieutenant commander astrobiologist c.2268[158] Uniform image.
Mullen ensign c.2275[36]
Muller crewman c.2270s[2]
Nakashima, Lex lieutenant junior science officer c.2277[86] Uniform image.
Nano lieutenant communications officer c.2254[23] Uniform image.
Nason engineer c.2269[136] Uniform image.
N'a'tt'n'a'i c.2251[159]
Nelson ensign science officer c.2265[160]
Neon security c.2270[28]
Niwa Awath-mánë ri d'Hennish enu-ma'Qe ensign astrocartographer c.2275[13] Uniform image.
Mosi Nizhoni, Mosi ensign assistant tactical/ security chief c.2273[47]
Nobis lieutenant helmsman c.2245[137]
Noel, Helen lieutenant psychiatrist c.2266[161] Uniform sleeve.
Noonien-Singh, La'an lieutenant security chief c.2259[116]
Nordell, Simon lieutenant engineer c.2268[162] Red Lt 2266.png
Nored, Anne lieutenant security c.2269[163] Red Lt 2266.png
Nörenberg, Marko engineering technician c.2278[164]
Norton, Paul lieutenant commander c.2270s[2]
O'Herlihy ensign ordnance officer 2267[89]
O'Neil lieutenant transporter chief c.2267[110]
Ortegas, Erica lieutenant helmsman c.2259[116]
O'Shea, Tammy science officer/astrophysicist c.2265[42] Uniform image.
Oranjeboom c.2270s[2]
Orsay, Marie-Therese c.2260s[33] Uniform image
Osborne lieutenant navigator/security officer c.2267[112] Uniform image
Osik lieutenant communications officer c.2270s[165] Uniform image
Osterman, H. cadet officer in training 2245[53] Uniform image
Padilla security c.2270s[95]
Paek ensign security officer c.2275[36]
Painter, Rick lieutenant navigator c.2267[166] Uniform image
Palamas, Carolyn A & A officer lieutenant c.2267[167]-68[168] uniform image
Palmer, Elizabeth lieutenant communications officer c.2267[114]-69[169] 2273 Lt jg Bei.png
Parker communications c.2264[160]
Parker lieutenant science division c.2259[170]
Patten lieutenant security officer c.2268[32]
Paul c. 2286[171]
Pearson security guard c. 2277[107] Uniform image.
Pearson, Thorvald lieutenant stellar cartography c. 2260s[172]
Perez, Joaquin ensign security officer c. 2273[72]-78[173]
Peterson lieutenant c.2267[174]
Peterson, Sarah medical technician c. 2268[56]
Phillips astrobiologist c.2268[119] Uniform sleeve image.
Phillips security c.2273[72]
Phillips yeoman security guard c.2269[79]
Pike, Christopher captain XO/CO 2245-57[76]
Pilar communications officer c.2282[94]
Piper lieutenant commander c.2270[21]
Piper, Mark CMO[12] retired 2265[42]
Pitcairn, Nils transporter chief/Engineer c.2151[23]
Pittarese lieutenant c. 2267[43]
Po lieutenant navigator c.2245[137]
Poole-April, Sarah CMO c.2243[22]
Prescott, Louis lieutenant c.2270[78]
Preston, Peter midshipman first class engineer's mate c.2285[29] Uniform image.
Probasco c.2259[62]
Putman, Lisa lieutenant communications officer c.2275[142] Uniform sleeve image.
Raeger ensign c.2254[64]
Rainer crewman security c.2270[125]
Zh'Ral bosun's mate c.2273[47]
Ralston lieutenant security 2274[176]
Ramirez, J.
Rand, Janice chief Petty Officer transporter chief c.2264[67]-2272[72]
Randall, Ricky security guard c.2277[24]
Rasmussen. Charles Admiral CO 2245[53]
Rayburn, Edward lieutenant security officer C.2265[42]-†66[151]
Raymond, Miriam medical technician, second class c.2269[129]
Recchi crewman c.2275[36]
Reed, Daniel crewman security officer 2253[177]
Reed, Daniel lieutenant security officer c.2253[38]
Reed, Francis Drake lieutenant security Chief c.2243[22]
Remington, Carl ensign 2267[127]
Remner crewman c.2275[2]
Reyes c.2268[178]
Richardson lieutenant security chief 2285[179]
Rigel, Ruth lieutenant chief veterinarian c.2269[4]
Riley, Kevin lieutenant navigator c.2266[120]-71[90]
Riviera, Jason head of environmental services c.2270[180]
Roberts, Michelle lieutenant engineer c.2246[102]
Robinson security c.2275[36]
Rodriguez, Esteban lieutenant Science officer c.2267[37]
Rogers c.2285[179]
Rollins technician c.2282[181]
Romaine, Mira lieutenant sciences division specialist c.2269[182]
Rosen crewman 2267[127]
Ross, Teresa yeoman c.2267[91]
Roswind crewman c.2264[67][67]
Roth, Alma ensign c.2249[115]
Rotsler crewman c.2275[2]
Russ, John lieutenant c.2267[114]
Ryan lieutenant c.2273[183]
Saavik lieutenant navigator 2285[29]
Samson, Shane assistant chief engineer 2254[184]
Samuelsson security guard c.2275[36]
Spirit Claw Sanawey lieutenant communications officer c.2246[102]
Sanchez navigator c.2253[185]
Sanders crewman security c.2270[186]
Sarda lieutenant c.2270[21]
Satie ensign engineer 2270[187] Uniform sleeve image.
S'Bysh lieutenant navigator c.2285[10]
Schneider lieutenant 2270[54]
Scott, Montgomery captain chief engineer 2253[38]-85[65]
Sentell lieutenant security officer c.2270[78]
Sepopoa, Ann engineer c.2270[157]
Shaffer ensign helmsman c.2269[188]
Shankar Ensign Comunnications officer c.2259[189]
Sh'aow security c.2273[47]
Shaw c.2269[136]
Shemry, Lana 2270[90]
Sherwood, Elizabeth ensign navigator c.2285[190] Uniform image.
Shigeda engineer c.2269[4]
Shinobi Science division 2254[134]
Shundresh commander XO c.2245[137]
Sikh ensign c.2269[11]
Simon, Lorna commander XO/science officer c.2246[102]
Sinclair-Alexander, Margaret lieutenant c.2260s[191]
Singh, Hayden lieutenant JG technician c.2266[48]
Smith, Barbara yeoman c.2265[12]
Smith, Beatrice c.2270[28]
Smithy crewman science division c.2253[177]
Snnanagfashtalli lieutenant commander c.2268[33]-85[10]
Sonak commander science officer 2273[72] 2270s cmdr sleeve.png
Soulian, Isaac ensign navigator c.2246[102] 2250s conn sleeve.png
Spencer, Keith security specialist c.2269[192]
Spinelli lieutenant helmsman c.2267[193] Yel Lt 2266.png
Spock captain first officer/chief Science officer 2254[16]-2285[29]
St. John, Barry security guard c.2277[24]
Stanger, Jonathon lieutenant security c.2270[90] Red Lt 2266.png
Steib c.2268[60]
Sternbach security guard
Stiles, Andrew lieutenant weapons officer/navigator c.2265[42]-
Stillwell chief
Stragey lieutenant security c.2269[55]
Sturgeon crewman c.2266[35]
Styles, Lawrence lieutenant C.2269[108]
Sulu, Hikaru commander helmsman c.2264[67]-85[65]
Sweeney, Dennis security 2275[36]
Swenson security c.2268[34]
Sydney lieutenant ethnologist scholar c.2269[194]
Tail-Kinker to-Ennien CMO c.2268[33]
Takahara, Myoki lieutenant security c.2253[38]
Takayama yeoman c.2267[84]
Tamboline crewman petty officer c.2265[87]
Tamura, Keiko yeoman c.2267[195] Uniform sleeve.
Tanka, Frank crewman c.2260s[196]
Tanzer, Harb lieutenant recreation officer c.2275[197]-78[198]
Tate security guard 2275[36]
Taylor crewman c.2267[9]
Thagard yeoman c.2277[24]
Themon lieutenant sociologist c.2274[199]
Thomkins crewman c.2267[9]
Thompson, Jason lieutenant c.2270[200]
Ti-Chen c.2269[194]
T'Lara ensign helmsman c.2282[201]
Tocchet security c.2275[36]
Todd ensign c.2259[170]
Tomlinson, Robert lieutenant phaser specialist 2266[99]
Tomson, Ingrit lieutenant security chief c.2270[202]
Tormolen, Joe lieutenant JG science officer c.2265-†66[120]
T'Pris lieutenant 2253[38]
Trask, Pandora c.2264[203]
Trawley ensign c.2250s[204]
Tremain, Katalya commander exobiologist c.2269[4]
Trenjan lieutenant c.2285[205]
Trian yeoman c.2274[93]
Trottier security c.2275[36]
Tuval, Benjamin commander c.2151[118]
Two Feathers engineer c.2273[183]
Tyler, José lieutenant navigator c.2151[23]-56[206]
Uhura, Nyota commander communications officer 2264[67]-2285[65] Uniform shoulder rank insignia image.
Umeki security chief c.2274[207]
Valdini science division c.2254[208]-68[34]
th'Valrass, Thelin
van Dreenan, Jo security specialist c.2269[209]
Van Hansen assistant chief engineer 2254 2250s ops sleeve.png
Vincent communications officer c.2254[208]
Vinci crewman security guard/Transporter chief c.2266[77]
Viola lieutenant bridge science officer c.2254[208] Uniform sleeve images.
Vitali lieutenant navigator c.2269[188]
Voss, Celeste Yeoman c.2270[54]
Vuong lieutenant helmsman c.2268[33]
Wagner, Bobbi security guard c.2277[24]
Walking Bear, Dawson ensign relief helmsman c.2269[209] 2260s ops sleeve.png
Washburn, Richard lieutenant c.2267[114]
Washington crewman c.2270[210]
Watley, Dierdre lieutenant science division c.2268[211]-72[212]
Watley, Elaine historian c.2268[212]
Wayne, Bradford lieutenant c.2268[1]
Weaver lieutenant doctor c.2269[213] Blu Lt 2266.png
Weinberg ensign psychohistorian c.2270[214]
Weinstein medical doctor c.2277[24]
Welkin crewman c.2285[105]
Wellman quarterdeck officer[215] c.2268[178]
West, Sandra nurse c.2268[56]
Wheeler lieutenant science division c.2259[62]
Williams ensign 2255[204]
Williams security c.2267[30]
Williams, Cyron ensign engineer c.2273[145]
Williams, Jeff lieutenant security officer 2269[4]
Wilson crewman transporter technician c.2266[101]
Wilson, B. security chief c.2269[17]
Wodehouse, Lesley yeoman captain's yeoman c.2270[216]
Worene lieutenant security guard/tactical officer c.2272[47]-82[94]
Workman, Jeryy sergeant security guard c.2277[24]
Worsley ensign security officer c.2267[128]
Wright engineer c.2254[217]
Yamata, Sam transporter assistant c.2254[73]
Yang ensign c.2269[157]
Ybarra, Rosaly ensign science division c.2268[11]
York ensign junior officer c.2268[218]
Yu science officer c.2253[185]-57[42]
Zaand, Vaylin ensign c.2253[72]
Zacharia lieutenant communications officer c.2253[38]
Zarlo captain CO c.2266[219]
Zier Ensign Junior officer c.2259[220]
Zuniga Creman Operations division c.2259[170]




Federation Starfleet crew rosters
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