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The USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A), sometimes referred to as the Enterprise-A or NCC-1701-Alpha, was a Federation Constitution-class starship in service to Starfleet during the late 23rd century.

Service history and disposition[]

USS Enterprise-A quarter

Enterprise-A after leaving spacedock.

Enterprise-A Spacedock

The USS Enterprise-A enters Earth's Spacedock upon returning from a mission.

Nominally, ships of this class were heavy cruisers, but in particular, this vessel was outfitted as a tactical command cruiser. The second Federation starship to bear the name, the Enterprise-A was christened shortly after the destruction of her predecessor, the USS Enterprise, in 2285. Captain James T. Kirk and his senior staff were reassigned to the Enterprise-A after they relinquished command of the captured HMS Bounty in San Francisco in 2286. Captain Kirk commanded the Enterprise-A for eight years, and the ship's final cruise was highlighted by the protection of the Khitomer Conference as the Khitomer Accords were drafted. (Decipher RPG module: Starships; ST video game: Starfleet Command)

Despite the USS Excelsior being more advanced and already in service, the Enterprise was designated as the Federation flagship, as such when she would be assigned to escort Klingon chancellor Gorkon to Earth for peace talks, when the chancellor was assassinated. (TOS movie: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)

Construction history[]

USS Enterprise-A in spacedock

Enterprise-A in Spacedock.

When construction began on the Enterprise-A in the early 2280s, the ship was named the USS Ti-Ho and assigned the registry number, NCC-1798. Though resembling a Constitution-class rebuild, Ti-Ho was built new from the keel up. The Ti-Ho was to serve as a test-bed for transwarp drive which was also being tested on the USS Excelsior.

640px-Constitution class refit bridge 2

"Let's see what she's got."

Construction of the Ti-Ho was largely completed by 2285, but shortly afterwards transwarp drive was proved a failure and Starfleet Command decided to equip the Ti-Ho with conventional warp drive. (ST reference: Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise)

Gene Roddenberry suggested that the Enterprise-A was originally named USS Yorktown, as an explanation for how she could've been built quickly enough to replace the original Enterprise. It is unclear whether he was suggesting it was the same Yorktown said to have been disabled by the whale probe earlier in the film, or a replacement already under construction. (ST reference: The Star Trek Encyclopedia)

A few weeks later, the USS Enterprise was destroyed in orbit of the Genesis Planet, and in the early months of 2286, Admiral James T. Kirk and the former crew of the Enterprise prevented the destruction of Earth by the Cetacean Probe. In honor of their achievements, Federation President Hiram Roth ordered that the Ti-Ho be renamed Enterprise and assigned the registry NCC-1701-A; the official commissioning occurred in that same year at the San Francisco Fleet Yards. Shortly afterward, command of the Enterprise was assigned to newly-demoted Captain James T. Kirk. (TOS movie, novelization & comic adaptation: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home; ST website:

In the FASA RPG module: Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update, the ship redesignated as the Enterprise-A was a newly-built Enterprise-subclass Mk III vessel that was to be named USS Atlantis (NCC-1786). The "Celebrating the Ships of the Line" article establishes that the starship was newly-built and commissioned in 2286 over San Francisco. A different source, TNG video game: Echoes from the Past, gives a conflicting version of this history, claiming the ship's original name as the Yorktown as noted above; the same game also says that the ship's commissioning was in 2285.

Service history[]


Stardate 8925.2
Shortly after leaving Spacedock following its initial shakedown cruise, the Enterprise-A is nearly destroyed by a dangerous religious fanatic. Fortunately, the attempt is thwarted by Captain Spock. (TOS comic: "Choices!", TOS movie, novelization & comic adaptation: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier)
Stardate 9001.3
A Starfleet Security internal investigations team led by Commander Sean Finnegan is dispatched from the Omicron Ceti IV massacre-site to supervise the internal inquiry into Ensign Bearclaw's attempted murder of Captain Kirk aboard the Enterprise-A (requested by Captain Spock, per regulations). Aboard the ship, the shuttlecraft containing the investigators docks, and Commander Finnegan is revealed to have been the same "Finnegan" who tormented the then-Cadet Kirk decades earlier at Starfleet Academy. Back on Omicron Ceti IV, the Starfleet cleanup team discovers the corpse of Ensign Bloemker...the same Ensign Bloemker currently serving aboard the Enterprise-A. Bearclaw is questioned by Starfleet security agent Heather Van Horne (herself a lower-level telepath), who becomes convinced of Bearclaw's innocence in the crime, and shares her experiences with Captain Spock via a mind-meld. Realizing that the false Ensign Bloemker is, in fact, a shapeshifter who impersonated Bearclaw, Commander Finnegan attempts to arrest the killer in Bloemker's quarters, only to be overpowered and rendered unconscious by a phaser blast. Assuming the form of the incapacitated Finnegan, the killer then attempts to convince Captain Kirk of Bearclaw's "guilt," but is assaulted by an unexpected prank-device at the door of Finnegan's quarters, destabilizing the killer's ability to hold form. As a result, the killer reveals his true form – that of Garth of Izar. Garth is then rendered unconscious by Spock, and Finnegan later reveals that "Lord Garth" (believed rehabilitated by Starfleet) had disappeared around a year earlier, believing Captain Kirk to be responsible for his fall. Finding his way to Omicron Ceti IV, Garth murdered Captain Burroughs and most of the crew of the USS Zephyr, and began his campaign of death and destruction against the Klingons and Federation. Declaring Ensign Bearclaw cleared of the crime and fit for resumption of duty, Captain Kirk then challenges Commander Finnegan to an arm-wrestling match...which he wins. (TOS comics: "Old Loyalties", "Finnegan's Wake")


Stardate 8415.9
The Enterprise-A spends time berthed in Spacedock over Earth, while Chief Engineer Scott oversees many critical systems repairs and upgrades. During this maintenance-period, James T. Kirk, Spock, Hikaru Sulu, and Leonard McCoy journey to planet Ceti Alpha V aboard the Yakima, a warp-capable cruiser, in order to ascertain the truth behind the final days of Khan Noonien Singh's exile there, and the later consequences of that act. (TOS novel: To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh)
At some point between "Finnegan's Wake" (DC Comics Vol. 1, #55) and the events of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (in early 2287), numerous physical changes are made to the interior of the Enterprise-A, including the replacement of the bridge module from its Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home configuration (visually seen for the last time in "Finnegan's Wake") to its new appearance as seen in the fifth feature film. Very possibly this upgrade occurs here, during the Enterprise's refit-downtime in Spacedock prior to the start of the movie.
Enterprise in the Great Barrier

The Enterprise-A orbits Sha Ka Ree.

Stardate 8454.1
The Enterprise-A is ordered to Nimbus III to deal with a hostage situation, after the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan ambassadors are taken captive by Sybok, Captain Spock's half-brother. Despite a limited crew complement, and systems being in substandard operation, she is the only starship within range with experienced command personnel. The ship is hijacked by Sybok, and travels beyond the Great Barrier, into the very heart of the galaxy. While there, a Klingon Bird-of-Prey under the command of Captain Klaa attempts to destroy the Enterprise and James T. Kirk, but is foiled by Spock and the disgraced General Korrd. A malevolent imprisoned entity is discovered on a planet within the Barrier, and is destroyed by a photon torpedo strike fired by the Enterprise, with the ship departing the region in the company of the renegade Bird-of-Prey not long afterward. (TOS movie, novelization & comic adaptation: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier)
Stardate 8461.7
One month after the Nimbus III incident, under the orders of Starfleet Chief of Staff Admiral Robert Bennett, the Enterprise-A ferries a group of Federation diplomats to a high-level peace conference at Starbase 49, located between the UFP and the Klingon Empire. There, Captain Kirk holds a secret meeting aboard the Enterprise with Captain Koloth, who presents the long-missing ship's logs from the USS Gagarin (unearthed by newly-elected Klingon High Council member Gorkon), destroyed seven years earlier by a Klingon battlecruiser at Nuvidula IV. Kirk proposes a dangerous mission — covertly entering Klingon space and rescuing the Gagarin survivors, which Admiral Bennett authorizes. With Captain Spock assuming command of the Enterprise-A, Kirk and Sulu secretly depart Starbase 49 aboard Koloth's battlecruiser, the IKS Gal'tagh. Aided by intelligence leaked by Gorkon, Kirk, Sulu, and Koloth arrive at the Klingon colony of Don'zali IV and meet with the former warden of a Klingon prison on the planet Pao'la. Back at Starbase 49, the diplomatic talks are interrupted by the detonation of a bomb; the docked IKS Terthos is seemingly attacked by the nearby Enterprise-A, but the plot is foiled, and the saboteurs identified. On Pao'la, Kirk, Sulu, and Koloth attack the prison and rescue five USS Gagarin survivors (including Commander Stephen Garrovick), but their shuttle is shot down. Kirk's party fights a losing ground battle against advancing reinforcements, but are saved by the arrival of another Klingon cruiser, the Zan'zi, whose commander frees the Starfleet prisoners, on orders from the newly-installed Chancellor Gorkon (having deposed his predecessor, Kesh). However, the commander then orders his orbiting ship to destroy the prison and its entire population in order to conceal the remaining disgraceful evidence of the Empire's crimes. Horrified and disgusted by the act, what little trust Captain Kirk has left towards Klingons as a race is destroyed. The prisoners are repatriated to Starbase 49, and the Enterprise-A heads back into space. (TOS novel: In the Name of Honor)
Enterprise-A Ketira

The Enterprise-A arrives at New Ketira, to participate in ceremonies marking the world's entrance into the Federation.

Stardate 8467.5
Escorting Ambassador Sarek to New Ketira for the planet's induction into the Federation, the Enterprise-A is caught up in that world's unexpected leadership crisis, when Shiel, the designated heir to the dying leader refuses to undergo a final rite of transformation. Beaming down to the planet, Captain Kirk and a landing party meet with Lar'tok, the current dying leader, who suffers a near-fatal body spasm. A fleet of ships calling themselves the "Sancti" suddenly enters orbit, challenging the leadership claim over the Ketiran race. Ambassador Sarek steps in to mediate in the affair, but is restrained by Federation law from decisive intervention. During a heated moment, Dr. McCoy, Sarek, and the dying Ketiran leader are all beamed to the Sancti flagship, with the Enterprise-A issuing a formal demand for their return, lest hostilities commence. The Sancti immediately open fire on the Enterprise, bypassing the starship's deflector shields, and Captain Kirk orders efforts be made to penetrate the Sancti's own shielding systems in order to rescue the captives. An attempted infiltration by an Enterprise security team backfires, with Mr. Scott barely retrieving the transporter patterns of the force before scrambling occurs, thanks to Sancti technology. The flagship abruptly leaves orbit, and Kirk orders Shiel to "accompany" the starship in pursuit — very much against her will. With the Enterprise giving chase at maximum warp, Sarek initiates a Vulcan mind meld with Lar'tok, in order to retrieve her essence, and the Letiran leader finally passes away. Two days later, both ships arrive over an unknown world, where a seemingly-sentient species of quadruped is discovered — a sacred animal to both Ketiran and Sancti, but also hostile. Out of nowhere, a massive alien ship decloaks in front of the Enterprise-A, and the animals reveal themselves to be the "Skylords," a highly-advanced race who have judged both sides to be unworthy of their guidance, despite centuries of time. However, both Shiel and the Sancti leader convince the Skylords otherwise, and Sarek releases Lar'tok's memories into Shiel. The Enterprise-A returns to New Ketira, where the final Federation entrance ceremonies are held. (TOS comic: "Homeworld")
Enterprise-A Nasgul

The Enterprise-A is hit by fire from a Nasgulian vessel.

Stardate 8470.3
Back in Spacedock following the Nimbus III incident (and other encounters), the Enterprise-A undergoes repairs and routine system maintenance. The ship is launched under the command of Captain Kirk on a mission to Casmus III, but a distress call is intercepted by the starship, from a single-person craft under attack by a Nasgulian vessel. Beaming the pilot onto the Enterprise moments before his ship's destruction, a plea for asylum is officially registered, but Captain Spock points out the sovereign non-Federation diplomatic status of the Nasgul, and that the refugee pilot might be a wanted criminal. However, the Nasgulian vessel opens fire on the Enterprise, but quickly proves to be little match for advanced Starfleet weaponry, and the captain of the enemy ship commits suicide by ramming his ship against the Enterprise's shields. The refugee, also a Nasgul, reveals himself to be a dissident pitted against the repressive primary religion of his race. Another, much larger, Nasgulian ship arrives on the scene, and the vessel's commander murders the dissident during a bridge viewscreen-conversation via telekinesis. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Klingon Ambassador Kamarag declares a bounty on the head of James T. Kirk, in response to his pardoning following the resolution of the Whalesong crisis. (TOS comic: "The Return!")
Stardate 8495.6
The Enterprise-A arrives back at Earth, where Captain Kirk intends to surrender to Federation custody in order to prevent further bloodshed, due to escalating tensions between the Nasgulians and the Klingon Empire. He beams down to Starfleet Headquarters alongside Dr. McCoy and Commander Chekov, only to discover a waiting contingent of Klingon and Nasgulian delegates, led by Ambassador Kamarag and The Salla, as well as President Hiram Roth. Exchanging fierce insults, each party adjourns; the Klingons, in order to notify Emperor Kahless IV of what has transpired. In orbit aboard the Enterprise, Commander Uhura forms a bond with Protocol Officer Blaise in the officer's lounge, and the pair decide to beam down together for shore leave. In the now-empty Federation Council Chambers, Ambassador Sarek attempts to meditate, but is interrupted by Spock, and the two have a conversation concerning the foreign concept of "friendship," from a Vulcan point of view. In addition, Sarek announces his intention to speak out in Captain Kirk's defense at the upcoming trial. Kirk and his group meet with their legal counsel — the legal team of "Cogley and Cogley" (i.e., the now-married Samuel T. Cogley and Areel Shaw-Cogley). Elsewhere on Earth, the various Enterprise-A senior crewmembers take their leave -- Uhura and Blaise swimming in East Africa; Captain Scott in Glasgow, Scotland, where he visits the graves of his now-deceased nephew Peter Preston and his wife. Back at Federation Headquarters, Kirk reviews the impending legal charges with Samuel Cogley — the murder charges demanded by the Klingon Ambassador during the Whalesong crisis are being reinstated, as well as accusations of various Prime Directive violations. Steeling his will, Captain Kirk strides into the Federation Council Chambers to face his accusers... (TOS comic: "The First Thing We Do...")
Stardate 8475.3
Upon the death of the Romulan Praetor, the Enterprise-A delivers a complement of Federation archaeologists and musicians to a peace conference on Temaris Four, located within the Neutral Zone — a summit soon subjected to sabotage and murder by hardline elements within the Romulan delegation. However, the Cetacean Probe suddenly reappears in local space, and destroys a Romulan colony world and a number of vessels. The Enterprise and a Romulan Bird-of-Prey are captured by the Probe and whisked to the far side of the galaxy, where they discover the Probe's homeworld (later revealed to have been destroyed by the Borg). Contact is made with the Probe by Spock, and meaningful communication finally established between the entity and the Federation. (TOS novel: Probe)
Stardate unspecified
Captain James T. Kirk and the Enterprise-A are chosen to return to the interspatial rift near Vega IX encountered exactly 33.4 years earlier by Captain Christopher Pike and the previous USS Enterprise, and re-establish contact with the Calligar in the Gamma Quadrant, who are anxious to judge how far Federation society and technology have advanced during the intervening decades. Ferrying a number of VIPs (including Commodore José Tyler, Richard Daystrom, and Ambassador Robert Fox), the Enterprise hosts a representative of the Calligar aboard ship, whom was formerly romantically involved with Commodore Tyler, having conceived a son together some thirty years ago. This representative, Ecma, requests asylum aboard the Enterprise-A, but is opposed by Ambassador Fox. In the meantime, a warp sled is sent through the rift carrying Captain Spock, Chief Engineer Scott, Dr. Daystrom, and a pair of Andorian and Tellarite representatives, and many wonders are encountered on the other side by all. On board the Enterprise, tensions mount over the asylum-issue, and the Tellarite and Andorian governments both dispatch warships to the region. The Tellarite warship enters the rift, and is destroyed. Within the rift, the Enterprise landing party is taken hostage by the Calligar, pending the return of Ecma. Faced with a difficult choice, Captain Kirk and Tyler take a second warp sled through the rift, and Kirk asks to speak directly to the Calligar Worldmind — Spock is chosen to make the contact, due to his Vulcan telepathic abilities. However, the true enemy reveals himself — Regger, the son of Ecma and José Tyler, seeking to become the new leader of his people by prematurely forcing his mother's death or exile. In a fierce battle of wills, Captain Kirk is ultimately victorious. Ecma decides to remain with Tyler, and all Federation personnel are returned to the starship. Later aboard the Enterprise-A, Captain Kirk marries José Tyler and Ecma in a wedding ceremony, and the ship departs the region. (TOS novel: The Rift)


Stardate unspecified
While attempting to make an extremely time-sensitive rendezvous with the starship USS Alar in order to deliver badly-needed medical supplies, the Enterprise-A abruptly diverts course for an uninhabited planet when the opportunity to verify the existence of one of the fundamental building blocks of the universe (first hypothesized as a result of interactions with the Guardian of Forever) presents itself only for a brief window. Using a hull fragment from the Klingon Bird-of-Prey captured in 2285, Spock creates a warp bubble around the fragment and fires an energy ray at it. The subspace data confirms the discovery of the chroniton particle. (TOS - Crucible novel: Provenance of Shadows)
Enterprise-A Datugad

The starship Enterprise-A journeys to the planet Datugad in order to intervene in a medical crisis.

Stardate 8503.1
The Enterprise-A is ordered to Starbase 11 by Admiral Patterson of the Starfleet Surgeon General's office, for assistance in the most ambitious project Starfleet Medical has ever undertaken — the revitalization of the entire planetary population of Datugad, chemically contaminated by years of strip-mining, and unable to engage in even the most simple intimate physical contact without combusting. Arriving at the starbase, a medical research team under Dr. Corazon Kohwangko (an old acquaintance of Hikaru Sulu) is beamed aboard the starship, and the Enterprise sets course for Datugad. Once in orbit, the planetary council hails the starship to warn them of the toxic dangers, and a landing party led by Dr. Kohwangko beams down, protected by energy belts devised by Mr. Scott. However, the medical team is immediately caught amidst a riot protesting the Starfleet presence (in which several are immolated) and kidnapped, unable to request emergency beam-out. Having lost transporter lock, a security team led by Commander Chekov is ordered planetside...with Commander Sulu's request to join denied by Captain Kirk. Using a captured Starfleet communicator, the dissident leader, Shelm, issues a demand — Starfleet will pull out immediately, or the hostages will face execution. Ordering Mr. Scott to beam up all life signs within radius of the communicator signal, the effort fails, due to the radiation. A Starfleet admiral informs Kirk that a specialized negotiation/rescue team is on the way, and orders the Enterprise to hold position, but Sulu and Chekov disobey, taking a shuttlecraft planetside with a security team themselves. Detecting the launch, the Enterprise-A simply...does nothing, per Captain Kirk's orders. The assault force breaches the shielding of the dissident base, fighting its way inside, where Sulu attempts to fight Shelm hand-to-hand, but the leader is instead vaporized by his own second-in-command. However, the reunion with Dr. Kohwangko is bittersweet — her protective belt was already removed earlier, and she is now permanently infected, and must remain on Datugad forever. Back aboard the Enterprise-A, a distraught Commander Sulu attempts to resign his commission, but is turned down by Captain Kirk. (TOS comic: "So Near the Touch")
Stardate unspecified
The USS Enterprise-A puts in at Ishtar Station in orbit around Venus for crew shore leave. It is during this time that Pavel Chekov is exposed to several possible biological contagions which are believed to affect his health in the coming weeks. (TOS novel: Foul Deeds Will Rise)
Stardate 8514.6
Very shortly after departing Ishtar Station, the starship Enterprise is assigned to a peacekeeping mission in the Savinia system, acting as neutral territory for peace negotiations between the warring planets of Oyolo and Pavak, and patrolling a buffer-zone between the two worlds. Representatives from both sides beam aboard the Enterprise-A, where they are greeted by Captain Kirk, his senior command staff, and Federation ambassador Kevin Riley. Later, two shuttlecraft missions are flown to each respective planet — one a medical relief run led by Kirk and Doctor McCoy to Oyolo; the other a Starfleet weapons inspection by Spock and Chief Engineer Scott to Pavak. While attending a production of Shakespeare's The Tempest put on by Federation relief workers on Oyolo, Captain Kirk recognizes one of the lead actresses — Lenore Karidian, daughter of Kodos the Executioner, who was committed to an insane asylum some twenty-two years earlier after attempting to murder both Kirk and Riley aboard the previous USS Enterprise. Lenore accepts Kirk's invitation to come aboard the Enterprise-A, but during a diplomatic reception that evening, the leading Pavakian emissary is assassinated in his quarters. All suspicion turns to Lenore, who exited the reception prior to the killing, and Captain Kirk launches an investigation into the murder while diplomatic relations between the two worlds deteriorate precipitously. On Pavak, Spock and Scotty discover the theft of a protomatter warhead during the weapons inspection process, which could destroy an entire city if detonated. However, aboard the Enterprise, the chief Oyolu negotiator is found murdered in his quarters, of a lethal overdose of the same antipsychotic medication used by Lenore Karidian. In response, Spock and Scotty are held planetside by Pavakian officials, escaping with the help of a sympathetic general to the planet Sumno in the outer solar system in order to track down the missing warhead. On Oyolo, an attempted rescue of hostage relief workers ends with Commander Pavel Chekov and a subordinate likewise being taken captive — but a daring raid by Captain Kirk and a Security contingent succeeds in liberating the entire group. It is determined that the Pavakian ambassador's own personal assistant is responsible for both assassinations aboard the Enterprise-A, splitting herself in two via transporter beam, and detonating bombs near the warp nacelles. However, the stolen protomatter bomb is on a transport ship programmed to detonate over the Oyolu capital city, and the starship out of interception range. Seeking to atone for her past misdeeds, Lenore steals a shuttlecraft and rams the transport, destroying the bomb, but stranding her in space. Captain Spock and Scotty pilot a shuttle and retrieve her in a split-second rescue. The peace talks once more in motion, the Enterprise-A continues to patrol the buffer zone, with Captain Kirk and Lenore Karidian deciding to spend to leave time on Oyolo's tropical islands. (TOS novel: Foul Deeds Will Rise)
Stardate 8513.7
While preparing to test the top-secret Lamver unit for Starfleet Special Operations under the guise of exploring a seemingly-uninhabited planet in the Claneian star system, a landing party from the Enterprise-A comes under attack by mechanized guardians of a prototype Karimean cryo-stasis vessel, some three centuries old. Chief Engineer Scott beams down from the Enterprise and jury-rigs an override of the primitive force-field surrounding the vessel, and the landing party (led by Captain Kirk) enters, where they encounter a large number of frozen humanoids known as "The Worthy." Their leader, Catalano, proves to be a well-known legend to the Enterprise crew, believed to have been explorers lost in space centuries earlier. Catalano is beamed back to the starship for medical examination, while the rest of the command crew speculates as to what this discovery truly signifies. Captain Kirk is berated by the newly-promoted Admiral Tomlinson (in reality an altered Klingon spy) over his sudden refusal to deploy the Lamver unit on Claneia One — Kirk argues that the device was only to be used on an uninhabited planet, and the discovery of The Worthy changes this. Tomlinson warns Kirk to watch his step, and signs off. During a diplomatic mixer in the Enterprise's main observation lounge, Catalano relates his people's history to the crew, where it is learned that the alien entity Apollo exiled his ship to Karimen, where The Worthy were forced into cryosleep after resource-exhaustion took hold. Suddenly, Dr. McCoy pages the party from Sickbay, with good news — the rest of Catalano's people have regained full consciousness. One hour later, the party reconvenes in the Enterprise-A's botanical gardens, where Liaison Office R.J. Blaise informs the crew that the civilization on Karimen stands on the brink of civil war, due to political degeneration and infighting. Heeding the ancient Karimean legend of The Worthy as being "saviors" of their race, Catalano reluctantly agrees to attempt a solution to the problem. However, discovering the true purpose of the Lamver device — the conversion of a planet into fuel for interdimensional exploration — Catalano tells Kirk that the device will be deployed on Claneia One "over my dead body." (TOS comic: "A Rude Awakening!")
Enterprise-A Interphase

While on a mission to rescue the USS Defiant, the Enterprise-A enters an interphase rift.

Stardate 8544.9
Upon receiving a top-secret priority one communiqué from Starfleet Command, the Enterprise-A sets course for the Horan system, where the starship rendezvouses with a shuttlecraft carrying Dr. Allison Juram and her staff, in order to assist in a highly-classified experiment to rescue the lost starship USS Defiant from the interspatial rift which engulfed it decades earlier. Under orders to disable the phase inverter device aboard the Defiant before it poses a threat to the universe, Chief Engineer Scott works with Dr. Juram to jury-rig the Enterprise's warp engines to permit the starship access to the Defiant's alternate reality, and six Tholian vessels arrive under the command of Melene, co-participants in the secret mission. With Dr. McCoy having inoculated the crew against the effects of interphase madness with a Theragen compound, Captain Kirk convinces Melene to open fire on the Enterprise in order to accurately recreate the final moments of the Defiant's disappearance, the starship successfully transitions through interphase into another dimension, where the Defiant is located, but attempts to rescue the ship are deliberately sabotaged by "Dr. Juram" aboard a stolen shuttle, revealed to be a Romulan agent impersonating the real Dr. Juram, under orders to prevent the Enterprise-A's escape and seal the rift forever. However, a precautionary feedback loop implemented by Mr. Scott destroys the shuttle just as its main weaponry is powered up, and the Defiant successfully rescued from interspace. (TOS comic: "Star Trek Special, Issue 2")
This comic is established as taking place exactly 20 years following the TOS episode "The Tholian Web" (in 2268), placing this story in 2288. This comic also disregards the reappearance of the USS Defiant in the 22nd century Mirror Universe on Star Trek: Enterprise. However, several other tales (including The Lost Era: The Sundered and SCE: Interphase, Part One and Interphase, Part Two) establish other copies of the Defiant emerging following the 2288 extraction. Perhaps a case of quantum duplication caused by the interphase rift across multiple decades and realities?
Stardate unspecified
With the Enterprise-A docked at Spacedock over Earth, Captain Kirk, Sulu, and Chekov take time to serve as special visiting guest instructors at the Starfleet Academy command school. Later, with the backing of Captain Kirk and the Federation Council, the Enterprise-A is loaned out to Cadet David Forester and his team of Academy students for a period of two months, in order to find evidence of Meclanti attacks near the Klingon Neutral Zone. There, the starship crosses the border with Klingon permission, and meet with the Meclanti, who hope to settle on a world rich in dilithium crystals, which is causing tensions between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. However, a renegade Klingon faction attempts to destroy the Meclanti using a supernova, but the enemy fleet is destroyed by the Enterprise, and the diplomatic crisis is resolved. Afterward, the Enterprise-A is returned to Earth and the full command of Captain Kirk, who receives word that Chancellor Gorkon of the Klingon High Council is most impressed with the Federation's actions during the crisis. (SA video game: Starfleet Academy; SA novelization: Starfleet Academy)
Stardate unspecified
Very possibly around this same time period, with the Enterprise at Earth, Captain Kirk is served a judicial summons on the grounds of Starfleet Academy, requiring him to appear before an inquiry on planet Sigma Iotia II or face arrest, due to a lawsuit brought against him by a young man during the original starship Enterprise's visit there twenty years previously. The Enterprise-A delivers Kirk and Captain Spock to Sigma Iotia II (dressed in native gangster-garb), where — amidst gangland assassination-attempts and renewing old acquaintances with Bela Oxmyx — the trial begins, with "The Kid" claiming unfair exclusion from a "piece of the action" (i.e., profiting from the Federation's intervention years before). The ultimate verdict results in Kirk's acquittal, the captain's smooth-talking self-defense demonstrating that The Kid benefited from Federation schools, employment, and other opportunities since the original Enterprise's visit. (TOS - Strange New Worlds V short story: "Legal Action")


Enterprise-A 2289 Spacedock

In 2289, the Enterprise-A approaches Spacedock upon its return to Earth.

Stardate unspecified
Returning to Earth while ferrying Ambassador Berg home from Arbutus VIII, the senior crew of the Enterprise-A attempt to persuade Captain Kirk to attend the annual Starfleet Academy reunion, much against Kirk's wishes. Pavel Chekov's cousin, Dr. Nina Popov, beams aboard the starship to start her medical internship, and is shown around the ship by her relative. In San Francisco at the reunion gathering, Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy encounter Saavik, Captain Styles, and Kirk's former flame Victoria Leigh-Kegin from the USS Farragut, who informs Kirk that her now-deceased Pilkoran noble husband has designated the captain as his sole heir, including to his royal title... (TOS comic: "Class Reunion")
Stardate unspecified
The Enterprise-A continues its search pattern within the Quatrin star system for the missing Commander Sulu and Commander Uhura; the two officers in hiding on the planet Beta with members of that world's underground resistance movement. Uhura is offered a choice when the delirious, injured Sulu takes a turn for the worse — repair the base's malfunctioning communication equipment (in violation of the Prime Directive), or they will let Sulu die. Uhura acquiesces to the demand, but is unable to contact the Enterprise afterward, due to the low-orbit range of the gear. Reducing the starship's velocity to under one-tenth impulse power, wreckage from the destroyed Quatrini shuttlecraft is detected and brought aboard for analysis, but Kirk and Spock are still unable to determine whether Uhura and Sulu died in the blast. Planetside on Beta, Uhura is taken by the resistance to a hidden Quatrini staging base, while a pursuing military force closes in on them. Sneaking out in the middle of the night to the base in order to transmit a signal to the Enterprise, Uhura is attacked by the pursuing Quatrini agents, but is saved by a security force led by Pavel Chekov. With testimony provided by Agent Keter, Director Prusk's plans to establish a police state are destroyed, and the Betans officially open peace talks with the Quatrini government. As the Enterprise-A prepares to depart the star system, word from Starfleet Command arrives — Hikaru Sulu has officially been promoted to the rank of captain, and is to take command of the starship USS Excelsior, effective immediately. (TOS comic: "Cold Comfort")
At some point between the ending of this storyline and the start of The Tabukan Syndrome (DC Comics Vol. 2, #35), the Enterprise-A receives a number of physical upgrades, including the replacement of the bridge module (from the Star Trek V: The Final Frontier configuration to the one seen in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country), as well as the alteration of the starship's corridors to reflect the look seen in the sixth film (including metal flooring and surfaces, and the removal of carpeting).
Stardate unspecified (circa November, 2289)
Captain Lawrence Styles abruptly reverses his official decision to retire from Starfleet just a few weeks after publicly announcing it, and decides to stay onboard as the USS Excelsior's captain for the time being. Grand Admiral William Smillie signs orders aborting Hikaru Sulu's delayed captaincy-promotion (yet again), instead reassigning him from the Enterprise-A to the position of first officer aboard Excelsior. (TOS novel: Excelsior: Forged in Fire)
Stardate 9000.9 (Late December, 2289)
Commander Sulu serves three weeks as executive officer aboard Excelsior when the Korvat conference between the Federation and the Klingon Empire is bombed in late December by the Albino, resulting in the death of Captain Styles and several high-ranking members of Excelsior's crew. (TOS novel: Excelsior: Forged in Fire)


Stardate 9001.0 (New Year's Day, 2290)
Hikaru Sulu assumes temporary command of the USS Excelsior, per Starfleet Command's orders, following the death of Captain Lawrence Styles. (TOS novel: Excelsior: Forged in Fire)
Stardate 9049.7 (January, 2290)
Following a near-court martial at Starfleet Headquarters, Earth, in the aftermath of the Korvat affair, Commander Hikaru Sulu is at long last officially promoted to the rank of captain, and given full command of the USS Excelsior, retaining Lt. Commander Meredith Cutler as his new executive officer. The Excelsior briefly visits the Xarantine system for crew shore leave before heading back to Earth Spacedock, to be joined by the Enterprise-A for Captain Sulu's official command-taking ceremonies there. (TOS comic: "Divide...and Conquer"; TOS novel: Excelsior: Forged in Fire)
Enterprise-A Excelsior

The Enterprise-A and USS Excelsior in Spacedock, during Captain Sulu's command-taking ceremony.

Stardate unspecified
The Enterprise-A returns to Spacedock, Earth, in order for Captain Kirk and his staff to participate in the change-of-command ceremonies for the newly-promoted Captain Sulu aboard the USS Excelsior. Communications officer Janice Rand interrupts the festivities with news that Starfleet Command has cancelled previous orders for Excelsior and Enterprise, with both command crews briefed by Admiral Yawlis on the interstellar crisis brewing in the Tabukan system, near the Romulan Neutral Zone. Federation intervention has been officially requested between the planets Tabuka III and Tabuka IV, with both worlds having developed incredibly destructive stockpiles of weaponry during their decades-long war, and a number of warheads have gone missing. Suspecting Romulan involvement, Starfleet sends the Enterprise-A and Excelsior to the system as a show of force. En route, however, a medical distress call is detected on Epsilon Kitaj, and it is decided to split up the expedition — the Enterprise will answer the distress signal, while the Excelsior will continue on to the Tabukan system. The two starships are covertly surveyed by a cloaked Maroan ship, responsible for the gas attack on Epsilon Kitaj, with a joint Romulan-Maroan trap laid for the Excelsior at Tabuka. (TOS - Crucible novel: Provenance of Shadows, TOS comic: "Divide...and Conquer")
Enterprise-A Rivals

Arriving in orbit of the planet Nara, the Enterprise-A begins official diplomatic relations with a new alien government.

Stardate 8673.9
The Enterprise-A arrives at the planet Nara, seat of the Nara'gi Ordinat, where Federation Ambassador Stonn is stationed, having aided in the drafting of the Federation/Nara'gi treaty months beforehand. Planetside, Stonn and his daughter argue over her recent actions, as well as her having taken the young 'Gi boy Dalen aboard the stolen ship, when Stonn suddenly collapses — an acute pulmonary condition, diagnosed by Dr. McCoy, having emergency-beamed down from the Enterprise. Immediately afterward, T'Ariis and Dalen are arrested by Nara authorities, Stonn consenting to revocation of diplomatic privileges, and Stonn's Vulcan wife Sepora asking Captain Kirk to save her stepdaughter's life. Dr. McCoy returns to the Enterprise-A to research Vulcan cardiopulmonary illnesses, and Kirk and Spock attempt to intervene on T'Ariis and Dalen's behalf with planetary authorities. Stonn's daughter is freed; however, Dalen is to be tortured, under charges of having "corrupted" T'Ariis with "sorcery." Returning to the ambassadorial residence, Kirk is subjected to a display of unusual emotional wrath from Stonn — months of delicate negotiations with the Nara'gi have now been completely nullified, all thanks to Kirk's "meddling." (TOS comic: "Rivals, Part I")
This comic establishes a dating of "five years [since my] regeneration at Genesis" for Captain Spock (in 2285), or late in the year 2290.
Stardate 8674.8
Refusing all of Captain Kirk's offers to undo the damage done to the Federation/Nara'gi treaty, Ambassador Stonn abruptly keels over in his home once again — Dr. McCoy beams down from the Enterprise-A and conducts a secret physical examination upon Stonn, under the condition of total secrecy. Conversing with Stonn's wife, Captain Kirk learns that the ambassador may be undergoing his own daughter, T'Ariis, whom has exhibited an intense interest in pre-Reformation Vulcan history, where such means were commonly used to settle disputes. Conversing with T'Ariis later, Spock comes to believe the reverse to be true — that Stonn is, in fact, being poisoned by his own wife. Following the release of Dalen from prison (due to T'Ariis' hacking into the judicial computer network), the pair attempt to board a passenger liner off-world, but are attacked by a group of assailants on the concourse. Captain Kirk and Ambassador Stonn appear before the Nara'gi leader, where Stonn suffers another collapse, and is beamed aboard the Enterprise. There, Dr. McCoy determines that neither T'Ariis nor her stepmother poisoned Stonn, but rather that the ambassador has been subjected to some unknown new type of bacteriological agent, with death imminent within a matter of days. (TOS comic: "Rivals, Part II")
Stardate 8691.2
Aboard the Enterprise-A, Orana's cargo is revealed to contain the alien statue sought on Zantak Prime — the tIq'a' (the "Ultimate Heart"), the most sacred artifact in Klingon theology, supposedly containing bone and hair fragments of Kahless the Unforgettable, and recently stolen from Boreth Monastery on Qo'noS. Commander Uhura sends out a message indicating a false sighting of the artifact in Zantak City, which is intercepted by a Klingon Bird-of-Prey commanded by Commodore Khezri, and a team lead by Captain Sulu returns planetside to await movement into the trap. There, Sulu meets with his previous Klingon contact, who confirms that the artifact was indeed to have been delivered as a means of bringing down the Klingon government by the dissidents. With Captain Nolli's cover destroyed, and havoc breaking loose as each party attempts to vie for the artifact, Khezri's Bird-of-Prey enters orbit and opens fire on one of the alien buyers' vessels, with a landing force beaming down into the city. There, the artifact is finally returned to Klingon custody, and Captain Nolli is remanded to the Enterprise-A's brig to await court martial proceedings. Captain Sulu and Lieutenant Commander Lukas return via shuttlecraft to the USS Excelsior, and Orana Dellamonica is likewise beamed off the starship. (TOS comic: "A Wolf in Cheap Clothing, Part IV")
At some point between this story and the novel The Captain's Table: War Dragons, Commander Pavel Chekov accepts the position of First Officer aboard the USS Excelsior, under Captain Hikaru Sulu.
Stardate 8730.1
Upon completion of a mission in a sector neighboring Deep Space 3, Rear Admiral Hajima Shoji of Starfleet Command reroutes the Enterprise-A to rendezvous with the USS Excelsior near the Klingon Neutral Zone, following an attack upon the Federation starbase by Anjiri and Nykkus forces. Arriving upon the scene right as the Excelsior is under attack, Captain Kirk orders the launching of the Enterprise's largest cargo shuttle (the Jocelyn Bell) to ferry over a team of engineering and repair equipment to the damaged starship. Following the repairs, the Enterprise-A tows the Excelsior twenty parsecs into Federation space, with Captain Sulu commandeering the Jocelyn Bell on a trip to the Anjiri/Nykkus homeworld, and with Commander Janice Rand temporarily replacing Commander Uhura aboard the Enterprise. The Enterprise proceeds to the planet Kreth, in the Alpha Gaudianus system. (TOS - The Captain's Table novel: War Dragons)
Stardate unspecified
En route to Alpha Gaudianus, the Enterprise-A intercepts a stolen Starfleet FL-70 reconnaissance shuttle and rescues Commander Chekov from Nykkus/Anjiri imprisonment, taken hostage during the battle at Deep Space 3. Arriving at Kreth at warp three, the Enterprise discovers a Klingon research base under attack by Nykkus forces attempting to steal replicator technology, using Starfleet assault shuttles. With the starship suffering significant crew casualties during the battle, and with reduced weapons capability, Captain Kirk leads a boarding party onto the Kreth station to rescue Klingon survivors trapped there. After rendezvousing with seven survivors, Kirk and Chekov are captured by renegade male Nykkus (the Raask) while attempting to lower the station's deflector shields for emergency beamout. Bluffing their captors, the Starfleet officers manage to lower the shields, and are beamed aboard the Enterprise-A along with the Klingon survivors. Uhura, Captain Sulu, and the Jocelyn Bell arrive at Kreth simultaneously with two Klingon battlecruisers (commanded by Captain Koloth), who holds the Nykkus renegades, not the Federation, responsible for the attack, and demands the males' execution. However, Captain Kirk, Spock, and Chekov beam over to Koloth's cruiser, where a pod of Anjiri females are allowed "justice" — battling the male Nykkus to the death. The surviving Raask are beamed over to the Enterprise and placed under guard, and the starship is permitted to depart Klingon space, with Commander Chekov returning to his post as Enterprise-A security chief (resigning his executive officer position aboard the Excelsior). (TOS - The Captain's Table novel: War Dragons)


Enterprise-A Varba II

The Enterprise-A approaches planet Varba II after detecting an alien distress call.

Stardate 8715.3
While ferrying a group of Federation diplomats to a high-level conference on planet Musgrave IV, the Enterprise-A picks up a garbled distress call emanating from the second planet in the Varba star system. Deciding to make a detour in case a rescue is needed, Captain Kirk orders the starship into orbit, and the shuttlecraft Galileo (under the command of Captain Spock) departs the ship, bearing an investigative landing party. However, after experiencing a massive atmospheric storm, activating the shuttle's deflectors causes a catastrophic detonation of gases, severely damaging the shuttle's hull and forcing a crashlanding in a dense swamp. Barely escaping the wreckage, the landing party treks towards the location of the distress beacon, but an enormous leech-like creature attacks the party, killing one of the three Security officers assigned. The remaining survivors, including Dr. McCoy and Pavel Chekov, continue onward, while onboard the Enterprise, the increasingly-anxious diplomatic VIPs are mollified by Captain Kirk. Planetside, an enormous group of the leech-creatures attack the party, killing another Security officer, but it is discovered that Spock's copper-based blood repels them. Dr. McCoy weaponizes Spock's blood via hypospray aerosol, but the process literally almost completely drains Spock. After Commander Uhura manages to translate a portion of the alien signal, Kirk launches a second rescue mission aboard the shuttlecraft Copernicus, with Lt. Saavik accompanying him. En route, Saavik detects Spock's consciousness near death (a result of their bonding on the Genesis Planet), allowing Kirk to home in on the landing party and effect a rescue. Back onboard the Enterprise-A, Spock and the other survivors recover in Sickbay, while the three-hundred-year-old alien signal is finally fully deciphered — a warning by an alien captain to steer clear of the planet. Kirk orders a Starfleet marker beacon deployed in orbit near Varba II, warning all ships away. The Enterprise then continues on to Musgrave IV. (TOS eBook: Miasma)
Stardate 8812.1
With sightings of a rumored new class of Romulan vessel possessing a nearly-perfect cloaking device, the Enterprise-A is ordered to rendezvous with the starships USS Endeavour and USS Copernicus at Starbase 40, in order to conduct simulated maneuvers intended to counteract such a device. Suddenly, the starship is hit by a narrow-focus energy beam, causing a deflector grid overload. After lowering shields, the starship is boarded by Gary Seven, who urgently warns of a danger to Captain Spock, but who is abruptly seemingly killed by yet another alien intruder, who teleports away with Spock. In Main Engineering, Mr. Scott and Lt. Saavik reveal the presence of triolic energy in the alien intruder's signature, indicating a lifeform never before encountered. Elsewhere, Spock finds himself imprisoned on an unknown world with General Tellius, a Romulan from the 22nd Century, and primary negotiator of the Treaty of Algeron. Aboard the Enterprise-A, another intruder appears on the bridgeExana, an intervention specialist with the Aegis. An alien race preying upon neural energies throughout history was stopped by a Starfleet team from a future era, resulting in the survivors attempting to prevent the Federation's existence by removing key figures from the timeline — including Spock. On the unknown world, another historical figure materializes — Capt. John Harriman, of the USS Enterprise-B, taken from the year 2311, followed by Lt. Commander Data of the USS Enterprise-D. The Enterprise-A sets course for the Devidian system, as the temporally-displaced captives agree to join forces against their common foe... (TOS comic: "Split Infinities")
Stardate unspecified
The Enterprise-A enters orbit around Devidia IV, and a landing party under Captain Kirk beams down to the planet, where Exana opens a temporal portal within a cave network, and the team passes through. En route, the Enterprise-A crew detects the temporal signatures of an away team from the Enterprise-D, nearly eighty years in the future, when they discover the bubble imprisoning Captain Spock, Lt. Commander Data, and the rest of the captives. Suddenly, Kirk's group is attacked by Devidians, with Pavel Chekov hit by enemy fire. However, the group is saved by the intervention of the Enterprise-D force, although neither group fully perceives the other. Exana collapses the bubble and erases the memories of all involved to preserve the timeline, then sends the various captives back to their original eras. Just then, beings representing the Aegis arrive, who acknowledge Exana and Gary Seven's correct actions, and restore Seven to life, returning the crews to their respective vessels. Back in the 23rd Century, the Enterprise-A resumes its course to Starbase 40. (TOS comic: "Future Imperiled")
Stardate 9121.4
The Enterprise-A pursues a Torye ship, which attacked the Discovery Center and stole a subspace-compression weapon. When the Torye transfer the weapon aboard a Klingon mobile battle base, the Enterprise-A joins forces with Captain Kang, commanding the IKS K'tanco, to stop them. (TOS - Mere Anarchy eBook: The Blood-Dimmed Tide)
Enterprise A-questionofloyalty

The Enterprise-A during a cadet training cruise, in 2291.

Stardate 9484.1
Departing from Earth's solar system, the Enterprise-A conducts a training cruise, supervised by Lieutenant Saavik, carrying aboard fourteen third-year Starfleet Academy cadets, including Ensign Valeris. During the voyage, Valeris manages to insult and alienate many aboard the starship with Vulcan rhetoric, including the biracial Lt. Saavik, as well as expressions of belief in Vulcan "superiority" to other species. Receiving a distress call from the science vessel USS Tinian, Captain Kirk orders an intercept course set for the stricken starship. Taking over a shuttlecraft, a boarding party under the command of Saavik docks with full radiation gear, with Ensign Valeris participating as her first "trial by fire." Discovering that the manual hull separation mechanisms have deliberately been taken offline, Saavik disobeys orders and restores matter-antimatter balance in the warp engines, and saves the starship. Later, privately, Valeris confides to Saavik her disapproval of not only her actions, but of the Federation itself — and her racial notions that Vulcans alone should lead the U.F.P., not humanity. Yet, Saavik elects to give Valeris a satisfactory performance evaluation. Upon returning to Earth, Saavik departs the Enterprise-A as a crewmember, despite an impending promotion to chief science officer, citing rising tensions both within the Federation and with the Klingon Empire, and her belief in Valeris's better suitability to such an era. (TOS comic: "Star Trek Special, Issue 2")
Stardate unspecified
Following the completion of the cadet training cruise, the Enterprise-A is assigned to patrol Sector 001 (near local Earth space) for the foreseeable future by Starfleet Command. (TOS comic: "Star Trek Special, Issue 2")


Stardate 9498.3
The Enterprise-A responds to a distress signal from the USS Feynman, crashlanded onto an asteroid while conducting a survey of "black smoker" vents there. Piloting a modified shuttlecraft, Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy, and Commander Chekov rescue the captain's nephew Peter Kirk from a hostile alien species on the asteroid. One month later, the Enterprise returns to Earth, where Captain Kirk meets his nephew at the gravesite of George Samuel and Aurelan Kirk. (TOS comic: "Bloodline")


USS Enterprise-A under fire

The Enterprise-A takes heavy fire from General Chang's modified Bird-of-Prey.

USS Enterprise-A hull breach

The Enterprise's hull is breached.


The Enterprise-A returns fire on Chang's Bird-of-Prey.

Stardate 9521.6
Following the destruction of the orbiting Klingon moon of Praxis and the near-complete collapse of the Klingon economy, the Enterprise-A is tasked with escorting Klingon chancellor Gorkon to Earth for peace talks aimed at ending nearly seventy years of unrelenting hostilities between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. Rendezvousing with the flagship Kronos One, a dinner party reception is hosted aboard the Enterprise. Not long afterward, the chancellor is assassinated by two shooters beaming over from the Enterprise, and Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy surrender into Klingon custody after failing to resuscitate the dying chancellor aboard the flagship. Ignoring Starfleet orders to return to Spacedock, Captain Spock begins a shipwide search for evidence to exonerate the captain and the doctor, while the latter stand trial on the Klingon homeworld for the alleged crime. Convicted and sentenced to the penal mining asteroid of Rura Penthe, Kirk and McCoy attempt an escape, with the Enterprise-A beaming the pair up narrowly in time to avoid death. Discovering that new helmsman Lieutenant Valeris is a key participant in the conspiracy, the starship heads toward Camp Khitomer at high warp, and there engages in battle with a Klingon bird-of-prey capable of firing while cloaked. Destroying the enemy ship with the aid of the USS Excelsior, Kirk and members of both crews then play a key role in preventing the assassination of Federation President Ra-ghoratreii down on the planet, and ending the conspiracy. Afterward, the Enterprise-A receives orders to put back into Earth Spacedock for decommissioning, and the ship sets final sail for home. (TOS movie: Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country; TOS novel: Cast No Shadow)
USS Enterprise-A Leaves Khitomer 1

The USS Enterprise-A sets course for home, following the battle over Khitomer.

Stardate unspecified
Very shortly after setting off on its farewell cruise back to Earth Spacedock following the battle over Khitomer, the Enterprise-A intercepts a "panic channel" emergency distress call from the Excelsior-class starship USS Bill of Rights, and is then forced to flee at warp nine from an antiproton flushback hyperwave emanating from the nearby Faramond system. Entering the system on silent running, the starship discovers the immobilized Bill of Rights in orbit around the only habitable planet, having triggered the antiproton flushback earlier. Hailing the planet, the ship contacts Roy Moss, a nemesis of Captain Kirk's from forty-five years earlier, who forces the captain to take a shuttlecraft down to Faramond's surface, accompanied by Captain Spock and Dr. McCoy. There, they discover a massive, long-distance transporter device constructed by an ancient race, with Roy Moss intending to teleport the Bill of Rights and her entire crew all the way back to Earth, thereby earning vindication for previous failures. However, after activating the device, (whose crucial components disappeared 100,000 years ago) the entire planet begins destroying itself. Overcoming Moss, Kirk and company are beamed aboard the orbiting Bill of Rights, and the Enterprise-A helps to restore the other starship's power just as the planet explodes. Afterward, Federation President Ra-ghoratreii announces a reversal of Starfleet's decision to decommission the Constitution-class of starships, as well as an official "reprieve" to the Enterprise's senior command crew's impending retirement. (TOS novel: Best Destiny)
Stardate unspecified
With the starship Enterprise in transit back to Earth Spacedock after the incident at Faramond, Captain Spock and Dr. McCoy each begin manifesting unusual psychological symptoms stemming from recent events — McCoy, locking himself in his quarters and recreating frigid Rura Penthe, and Spock, hearing a mysterious young girl's voice singing the children's song, "Ring Around the Rosie." A Vulcan mind-meld between the doctor and Spock finally manages to resolve the instability (the young girl representing memories of Joanna McCoy), with each one still harboring leftover residual traces of the other, following the transfer of Spock's katra back in 2285. (TOS - Strange New Worlds VII short story: "All Fall Down")
Stardate unspecified
One month following the Khitomer conference, the Enterprise-A is assigned to patrol the Klingon Neutral Zone, in response to mounting raider attacks along the Federation/Klingon border. The starship responds to one such attack, occurring at the Tellarite colony world of Patelva, where nearly the entire population (including helpless women and children) are massacred by renegade Klingon forces. While assisting planetside with emergency relief personnel from the starship, Captain Spock receives word that his mother, Amanda Grayson, is dying on Reyerson's disease, and departs in a shuttlecraft for Starbase 11, and from there back to Vulcan. (TOS novel: Sarek)
Stardate unspecified
Relieved of emergency duty at Patelva by the arrival of a Starfleet hospital ship, the Enterprise-A puts in at the primary orbital Vulcan spacedock for structural hull repairs following the battle over Khitomer, Chief Engineer Scott having effected as many internal repairs as possible during the previous month without drydocking. Dr. McCoy beams down to the planet from the starship and treats Amanda Grayson's medical condition, confirming mere days remaining of life. Later, the command staff of the Enterprise attend funeral services for Ambassador Sarek's wife atop Mount Seleya. (TOS novel: Sarek)
Stardate 9544.6
After consulting with Ambassador Sarek regarding the possibility of Romulan espionage, Captain Kirk orders the Enterprise-A to Sector 53.16 (the Freelan system), located within the Romulan Neutral Zone, at warp six, the starship now fully repaired. However, Vice Admiral Burton of Starfleet Security reroutes the ship to the Klingon Neutral Zone to investigate the kidnapping of Peter Kirk, nephew of James T. Kirk; the vessel placed at the disposal of Ambassador Sarek, onboard the ship. Captain Kirk, Spock, and Dr. McCoy take the shuttlecraft Kepler from the Enterprise-A to Qo'noS in an attempt to covertly extract Kirk's nephew from the planetside compound of Klingon Ambassador Kamarag. Sustaining heavy damage while traversing the planetary debris-ring of the remains of the Praxis moon, the shuttle crashlands on Qo'noS. Kirk's team later encounters the escaping Peter Kirk, and the group steals a Klingon shuttle following a battle with Kamarag's private army and rendezvouses with the Enterprise. Aboard the starship, plans are made to intercept the cloaked Klingon fleet now approaching the UFP border, its commanders corrupted by Romulan telepathy into starting a war. Sarek and Spock uncover evidence of treachery aboard a Romulan bird-of-prey, the ambassador defeating its commander in a physical contest — the trio are then beamed back aboard the Enterprise-A with the evidence just as Kamarag's fleet emerges from the Neutral Zone. Engaging in battle against four K't'inga-class battlecruisers and six Birds-of-Prey, the Enterprise is aided by the Romulan ship, with Kirk entreating the renegade commanders to stand down. One Klingon ship does so, joining with the Enterprise, but all still appears lost until a massive Klingon fleet — dispatched by Chancellor Azetbur and commanded by General Korrd — arrives to the rescue, scattering the renegades. The Enterprise-A arrives at the planet Freelan, beaming aboard a number of Vulcan captives from Romulan custody. Following this, the starship returns to Earth, where many of the senior command crew participate in Peter Kirk's final Kobayashi Maru test at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. (TOS novel: Sarek)
Stardate unspecified
Following debriefing at Earth in the aftermath of the Freelan incident, the Enterprise-A transports the rescued Vulcan captives from Freelan back to their native world. (TOS novel: Sarek)
Stardate unspecified
The Enterprise-A puts in at the watery resort world of Pacifica in order for the crew (including Captain Kirk and his bridge staff) to take shore leave. While there, Starfleet Command issues new orders relieving the starship from active duty, and reassigning it to special duty with the Federation Diplomatic Corps, under the direction of Ambassador Sarek, who boards the Enterprise and informs Kirk of his new mission — to extract a pair of Romulan dissidents vital to the cause of Vulcan/Romulan reunification. (TOS novel: Mind Meld)
Stardate unspecified
After the departure of Sarek for Camp Khitomer, the Enterprise-A arrives in Earth orbit (after taking on 42 new crew members at Pacifica), where Spock's young niece Teska beams aboard from San Francisco, to be bonded with a young Romulan dissident in the Vulcan koon-ut-la ceremony. Additionally, a Rigelian delegation is taken aboard, to be returned to their homeworld of Rigel V en route to the starship's rendezvous with the Romulans. During the Enterprise's voyage to Rigel V, the starship operates at one-fourth of its typical crew strength, with no extra personnel available except for Bridge, Engineering, and Life Support officers. (TOS novel: Mind Meld)
Stardate unspecified
The Enterprise-A arrives at Rigel V, where a landing party under Captain Kirk beams down to one of the major cities in order to grant Teska some ground relaxation time prior to continuing on to Vulcan. However, Rigelian Ambassador Denker is murdered, with Teska mind-melding with the ambassador during his final moments. With Teska under confinement as a witness, Kirk beams aboard the Enterprise, where he consults with Ambassador Sarek, and diverts the starship to rendezvous with Romulan Senator Pardek in the Duparre Asteroid Belt. On Rigel V, Spock and Teska testify at an inquest, where a near-riot erupts after the murderer is identified by Teska—Madame Vitra, one of the Rigelian passengers earlier. Later, Spock and Teska are attacked by assailants, with Spock injured and saved by his niece. The Enterprise-A arrives at the Duparre Asteroid Belt at warp five, where a Romulan beacon signal is detected some 50,000 kilometers in — Captain Kirk commandeers the shuttlecraft Vespucci with Commander Chekov, where the probe is taken aboard containing a ransom demand for Hasmek, Teska's betrothed. The Enterprise heads for the planet Yquitra in the Tarquolese system, an Orion colony, where the captain and a security team beam down to a domed city — and encounter Senator Pardek and Hasmek. The group is beamed back to the Enterprise, while on Rigel V, Teska hijacks a shuttle belonging to the assailants. The Enterprise-A makes orbit over the planet, but cannot lock onto the two Vulcans' transporter signals. Kirk beams down with a security force, but the group is forced to retreat back to the starship by the assailants, where the captain assembles an even larger force, this time overwhelming the attackers. Spock and Teska are rescued, with the pair taking a shuttle from the Enterprise to Vulcan to complete the ceremony, while the Enterprise-A docks at Earth with its manifest of captives. (TOS novel: Mind Meld)
Stardate 9585.9
While temporarily under the command of Commander Pavel Chekov, the Enterprise-A and the USS Ranger become ensnared in the throat of the Janus Prime Vortex, a subspace whirlpool which exists in both Federation and Tholian spaces simultaneously. Undergoing a warp core breach, the Enterprise issues a distress call that is answered by Captain Sulu and the USS Excelsior, but during the rescue, Sulu's starship gets transposed into the Mirror Universe. (TOS video game: Shattered Universe)
Stardate 9587.2
The Enterprise-A is ordered to Starbase 12 by Commodore Montoya in response to the deteriorating political situation on Alpha Gederix IV (also known as Ssan), where Captain Kirk and his senior staff are tasked with preventing a civil war. The starship rendezvouses with the USS Potemkin, and takes aboard one of the Federation's premiere diplomatic teams — Clay and Jocelyn Treadway (Dr. McCoy's ex-wife), and sets course for Alpha Gederix IV. Following an unsuccessful meeting with the surviving planetary master governors, Chief Engineer Scott discovers the hidden location of the Ssani assassin-cult's main hideout, and a landing party under Captain Kirk and the Treadways beam down to the site. The landing party is then immediately attacked by Ssani assassins, resulting in the death of a Security officer and the capture of Jocelyn Treadway, and with Captain Kirk stranded planetside after Spock and Clay Treadway are beamed aboard the Enterprise. Onboard the starship, Captain Spock assumes command and enacts a full subspace communications blackout, to prevent enemy transmission-monitoring. Spock, Dr. McCoy, and Clay Treadway beam back down to Ssan in an attempt to rescue the captain and Jocelyn Treadway, battling their way through the assassins' icy underground compound. Intercepted by the High Assassin, Shil Andrachis (whom McCoy encountered some forty years earlier), an attempt at diplomatic discussions erupts in bloodshed, resulting in the deaths of Jocelyn Treadway and Andrachis. With Andrachis now dead, the Ssan civil war ends, and the Enterprise-A returns to Earth. (TOS novel: Shadows on the Sun)
Enterprise-A Ashes1

In late 2293, the USS Enterprise-A undergoes decommissioning in an orbital Earth spaceyard facility.

Enterprise-A Ashes2

In the corona of one of the binary stars near the planet Chal, the starship Enterprise-A meets its final end, in battle against Androvar Drake.

Stardate 9523.1
The Enterprise-A is ordered to be decommissioned by Admiral Androvar Drake, and is scheduled to be destroyed in a Starfleet live-fire exercise. However, the government of Chal requests that they be given the Enterprise to use in their system defense forces. When Chal's population takes control of the vessel, they retrofit the ship with Klingon disruptors and sensors, replacing the previous classified Starfleet technology stripped out of the vessel. Retired Captain James T. Kirk is appointed commanding officer of the starship, which is renamed Enterprise (without a registry or registry prefix) as it makes way for Chal, while Captain Scott also returns to duty as its chief engineer. When a Starfleet investigation into Chal's past reveals that Drake is attempting to steal lost genetic engineering secrets hidden on Chal by the colony founders, a showdown occurs in the system. The rest of the former Enterprise crew arrive at Chal aboard Hikaru Sulu's USS Excelsior, and the Enterprise-A is destroyed in the corona of one of Chal's binary stars while defending the Excelsior from Klingon battle cruisers under the direction of Admiral Drake, who attempts to travel back in time and kill Kirk. (TOS novel: The Ashes of Eden; TOS comic: "The Ashes of Eden")


In 2369, Montgomery Scott visited the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A at the Starfleet Museum at Starbase 122. (TNG comic: "Old Debts")

The comic disregards the destruction of the Enterprise-A in TOS novelization & comic adaptation: The Ashes of Eden.

Undated missions[]

Stardate unspecified
Not long prior to the Varba II rescue mission in 2291, the Enterprise-A visited planet Kaskadia IV, and the Federation science station conducting geological research there. During the visit, the shuttlecraft Galileo flew over a chain of erupting fusion volcanoes, which was later regarded by Dr. McCoy as a particularly nerve-wracking experience. (TOS eBook: Miasma)
Enterprise-A SigmaDraconis

During the Battle of Sigma Draconis, the Enterprise-A and an unnamed Excelsior-class battleship prepare to engage three Klingon battlecruisers.

Stardate unspecified
Accompanied by an Excelsior-class battleship in the Sigma Draconis star system, the Enterprise-A is ambushed by a trio of Klingon D7-class battlecruisers, who remained hidden to sensors at high warp near the sun. The cruisers break formation and drop out of warp, but the Starfleet vessels react far too swiftly for the Klingons, achieving weapons-lock almost instantly. The Battle of Sigma Draconis is over in 3.2 seconds, without a single shot being fired. (Reference book: Ships of the Line)
Enterprise-A TaskForce

In an unknown star system, the Enterprise-A leads a Starfleet task force in battle against an unspecified enemy.

Stardate unspecified
The USS Enterprise-A leads a Starfleet task force against an unnamed enemy in an unknown star system in the late 23rd century consisting of two John Glenn-type cruisers (including the USS John Glenn and the NCC-2001), two Sun Tzu-type starships (including the USS Sun Tzu (NCC-2530) and an unidentified sister ship), two Valley Forge-type ships (including the USS Valley Forge-A and the NCC-1878-A), and an unidentified Starfleet vessel of unknown class (Ships of the Line 2011 Calendar)
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Alternate realities[]

Early Voyages alternate timeline

The crew of the Enterprise-A in an alternate timeline

In an alternate timeline created when Yeoman J. Mia Colt was sent forward in time from 2254 to 2293, Captain Christopher Pike remained in command of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) until it was decommissioned, after which it became a popular attraction at the San Francisco Smithsonian Museum of Air, Sea and Space. He was then placed in command of the Enterprise-A. As of 2293, his senior staff included his first officer and science officer Spock, the chief medical officer Gabrielle Carlotti, the chief engineer Moves-With-Burning-Grace, the helmsman Hikaru Sulu, the navigator José Tyler and the communications officer Nyota Uhura while Saavik was a junior science officer.

In 2293, the Enterprise was destroyed when Pike activated its self-destruct sequence in orbit of Argol II after it had been severely damaged by a Klingon bird-of-prey commanded by General Chang and three Klingon battle cruisers. As the Enterprise-A was destroyed, Colt entered the Well of Tomorrows on Argol II and was returned to 2254, thereby restoring the proper timeline. (EV comics: "Future Tense, Part Two", "Futures, Part Three", "Now and Then")


Senior staff[]

Crew manifest[]

See USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) personnel and USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) personnel roster
USS Enterprise-A personnel
ArexAlloccaAronsBanksBarnesBearclawBensonBloemkerBorkowskiBoyajianBryceBobBullH. BurkeL. BurkeCassanoCastilleChapelChekovClevCodobachColettiConnorsDarwaDavisDaxde Broekdel GaizoDelaneyDelaneyDeLeonDietrichJ. FinneyFisherFlahertyFoutonFucciGalaymHazzardHernandezHicksHunterIsenbergJacksonKaminskyKirkKittyKonomLariaLawlorLeeKathy LiLudloMcCoyMcIntyreMcMurphyMeyerM'RessM'yraNarahtNewmanPalamasPaulPopovRascheRomaineRyderSaavikSamnoScottSherwoodSpockStaciSternoSuluT'RinToochTuchinskyUhuraValerisWetherellYostunnamed USS Enterprise-A personnel Federation icon image. Starfleet icon image.
See also: Personnel roster

Embarked craft[]

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) auxiliary craft
Emblem of the United Federation of Planets. Copernicus (NCC-1701-A/03)Copernicus (SW7 class)Galileo (Type 4)Galileo (SW7-class)HeinleinJensen (Long-Range Scout/3)Kepler (Type 4)Workbee 6 Seal of the Federation Starfleet.



Ships named Enterprise
United Kingdom of Great Britain HMS EnterprizeHMS Enterprise (1774-1807)HMS Enterprise (1959-1986) UK flag image.
United Kingdom (alternate reality) HMS Enterprise (2260s)
United States of America Enterprise (sloop-of-war)Enterprise (schooner)Enterprise (brig)Enterprise (steamboat)Enterprise (screw sloop)L-5CV-6CVN-65OV-101 N1A US flag image.
United Earth IXS-110XCV-330NX-01 UE flag image.
United Federation of Planets Declaration-classNCC-1701NCC-1701-ANCC-1701-BNCC-1701-CNCC-1701-DNCC-1701-EChimer-classNCC-1701-FNCC-1701-GNCC-1701-J UFP flag image.
Terran Empire (mirror universes) HMS EnterprizeNX-01NCC-1701 (alternate NCC/ICC-1701)NCC-1701-ANCC/ICC-1701-DNCC-1701-ENCC-1701-F Terran flag image.
Galactic Commonwealth (mirror universe) Free Starship Enterprise Terran emblem image.
Federation (Kelvin timeline) NCC-1701 (early 23rd century)NCC-1701NCC-1701-A Emblem of the United Federation of Planets.
Federation (alternate futures) NCC-1701-DNCC-1701-FNCC-1701-JNCC-1701-∞Enterprise (distant future) UFP flag image.
United Earth (alternate realities) SS EnterpriseUESS EnterpriseESS Enterprise UE flag image.
Federation (other alternate realities) FSS EnterpriseUS EnterpriseUSS EnterpriseUSV EnterpriseUSS Enterprise-E UFP flag image.
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(alternate timeline)
IUES Enterprise I Seal of the Interstellar Union.
(alternate timeline)
USS Enterprise (NCC-2101) Earthfleet logo.
Enterprise-subclass (Constitution-class class XI/class XII cruiser/heavy cruiser starships)
Federation, Starfleet Ships of various specifications NCC-1335AchillesApolloBooneChristopher PikeExplorerFuriousHuntingtonIcarusIndependenceJeffersonKelleghanLucasMusashiRauerSalazarSomersTigressVengeanceheavy cruiser (CA): Constellation IIGoebenEximerOriskanyRepublicReshadijeRamillesConstitutionEnterpriseFarragut IIrear-fire heavy cruiser (CAR): YorktownExeterIntrepid IIValiant IIPotemkinMonitorHornetMerimacEndeavourDefianceadvanced heavy cruiser (CA+): ExcelsiorHoodWaspEl DoradoAriSaratogaToriKriegerPort MoresbyPharsallusHastingsArbelaheavy drone cruiser (CAD): AgincourtBallistaBarrReprisalVulturecommand cruiser (CC): EssexExcalibur IIKongoLafayetteLexingtonheavy command cruiser (CB): AlesiaAlfeldAusterlitzBasraCannaeCoral SeaGaugamelaGettysburgGolanGravelotteInchonIsandhlwanaKadeshKhe SonKurskPanjsherRocroiRossbachSuomussalmiTannenbergThermopolaePoltavaVincennesfire support cruiser (CFS): HighwaymanKnight ErrantPaladinRangeradvanced fire support cruiser (CFS+): BerserkerCavalierFencerSamuraitactical command cruiser (TCC): Enterprise-Agalactic survey cruiser: Achernar UFP emblem. Seal of the Federation Starfleet.
Refit to mk I specification EnterpriseBismarkExcalibur IIYamatoChallengerValiant IIEssexBonhomme RichardPotemkinConstellation IIIntrepidCenturion (fm. Farragut II)LexingtonYorktownWaspForrestalRepublicAkagiRivoli Built to mk I specification ExeterDefiantHoodValley ForgeOriskanyRepublicHancockMinskYorktown
Refit to mk II specification EagleSantissima TrinidadMarseilleRadetsky Built to mk II specification ZuihoGraf ZeppelinSoryuHiryuKing George VPrince of WalesFranklinVictory IIScharnhorstGneisenauKaga IIKirishimaFreidlandKonigsbergClemenceau
Refit to mk III specification KongoSaratogaEl DoradoTiconderogaKitty Hawk Built to mk III specification KearsargeBunker HillChikumaEmperadorUkraniaMarcelloFontanaJava
Terran Empire, Starfleet
(mirror universe)
ConstellationContemptibleDeceiverEnterprise (refit)Enterprise-AFarragutIntrepidNixonRelentless Seal of the Terran Empire.
planets visited by the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-A) (2286-2293)
2286 Earthwishing planetRontelmGamma Trianguli VIBriar PatchChristofi IXVulcanSector 9 Romulan colonyMiraudTriaminus IVEndicorOmicron Ceti IVChapin I
2287 Nimbus IIISha Ka ReeNew KetiraSkylord planetCasmus IIIChronian IIINew BrindenTau Gamma IIEarthYkoTemaris IVCetacean Probe homeworldVega IXCalligar homeworld
2288 Uninhabited chroniton-discovery worldDatugadVenusOyoloPavakSumnoClaneia IKarimeaKristenian worldRimborNeedraTyrion Defense ZoneStarbase 29Dinar IVSandar IXLerik IVSkellen IIIHoran systemJavik VIKurat IEarthSigma Iotia II
2289 Arbutus VIIIEarthPilkor IIIMetaga VZuynaPallas 14 star systemTree of Life planetSumellian-adjacent star systemSumellian homeworldDenevaQuatrin AlphaQuatrin Beta
2290 EarthTabuka IIITabuka IVEpsilon KitajStarbase 99 planetArnebius IVAlpha DarwinKondo NebulaMardelvaNirobi IIIThevosCasmus IIILargo star systemTheata LeonisGatewayCalufrax IVBabelGribbin IIBupahr mining colonyGamma KestraNara'GiZantak PrimeKreth
2291 Devidia IVMusgrave IVVarba IIVarnexMestikoTiranaxEarthKaskadia IV
2292 Earthunnamed asteroid belt
2293 Rura PentheKhitomerFaramondVulcanQo'noSPatelvaFreelanPacificaRigel VDuparre Asteroid BeltYquitraYkoEarthAlpha Gederix IVPrestor VSigma Draconis SectorChal

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