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USS Enterprise was a sloop-of-war vessel of the American Continental Navy in the 18th century.

Service history

The British Royal Navy originally constructed the vessel in Quebec, Canada, commissioning her as George. (TNG reference: On Board the USS Enterprise)

In May 1775, when the vessel was only four years old, she was captured by Colonel Benedict Arnold at St. John's in Quebec and rechristened Enterprise. (TNG reference: On Board the USS Enterprise, ST - Enterprise Logs short story: "The Veil at Valcour")

After her capture on 18 May, in August Colonel Arnold brought 1,000 men aboard Enterprise and two other ships to attack Montreal and St. Johns. The ships were forced to retreat in 1776 when British reinforcements arrived. (Star Trek: The Magazine vol. 2, Issue 7: "Enterprise Lineage from Schooner to Starship")

In October 1776, Enterprise was pivotal in the Battle at Valcour Island in Lake Champlain during the American Revolutionary War. During the battle, British Royal Navy forces pummeled Arnold's Colonial fleet, but Enterprise quietly led their damaged fleet out of the lake through a dense fog that night, making them seemingly vanish and denying the British an outright victory. Time spent searching for Arnold's fleet stalled British encroachment into colonial territory until the next year, giving America time to fortify its defenses. (ST - Enterprise Logs short story: "The Veil at Valcour")

On 7 July 1777, her crew scuttled and burned Enterprise to keep her from being seized by British forces. (Star Trek: The Magazine vol. 2, Issue 7: "Enterprise Lineage from Schooner to Starship")


On 17 October 1777, because Enterprise helped gain time to recruit and train new soldiers, American forces decisively defeated the British in battle at Saratoga, New York, a turning point in the war. (Star Trek: The Magazine vol. 2, Issue 7: "Enterprise Lineage from Schooner to Starship")

Crew manifest



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