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The USS Excelsior (NCC-21445) was a Federation starship in service to Starfleet, commissioned in the 24th century.


This ship was named as a successor to previous vessels named Excelsior of history, notably the 23rd century Excelsior-class prototype USS Excelsior.

In the year 2365, the Excelsior was under the command of Captain Muriel Epstein. She was assigned to captain Excelsior on a deep space exploration mission in sector 034. This information appeared on a starship deploy status report at Starbase 173. (TNG episode: "The Measure of a Man")

In 2369 the Excelsior was operating in the area of space near the planet Riat. (TNG - The Space Between comic: "Light of Day")

In 2370, the Excelsior was in service along the Federation's border with the Cardassian Union. In that year, it was assigned to help participate in the search for the missing USS Hera, which had been lost in space near Starbase Deep Space 3. (TNG episode: "Interface")

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Ships of the Line 2014 and Star Trek Online both state that the prototype Excelsior was maintained as an operational vessel and remained in existence even during and after this vessel's dates of service. One explanation for the apparent contradiction would be that the NCC-2000 Excelsior was taken out of commission during the NCC-21445 vessel's career, and then brought back into service afterwards. No such explanation has been offered in the source material, however, but the long-lived original Excelsior has also been noted to exist at the same time as a 25th century counterpart, the USS Excelsior-D. These sources, however, have been contradicted by the recently released novel One Constant Star, in which the previous Excelsior was described as having been destroyed in 2308.

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