This is an illustrated roster of Starfleet personnel assigned to starships named USS Excelsior. This includes 23rd century Starfleet personnel (on the USS Excelsior NCC-1718 and the USS Excelsior NCC-2000) and 24th century Starfleet personnel (on the NCC-2000).

For a simpler, un-illustrated list, see USS Excelsior personnel.

USS Excelsior (NCC-1718)Edit

name assignment dates rank or rate rank insignia
LaLiberté commanding officer 2260s[1] captain Yel Capt 2266

USS Excelsior (NCC-2000)Edit

Commanding officersEdit

name dates of command rank or rate rank insignia
Lawrence Styles 2285[2]-2289 captain 2285 Capt Ep Whi
James T. Kirk 2285 rear admiral 2270s-2350 cmd radm
Meredith Cutler 2289 lieutenant commander 2285 Lt Cmdr Ep Grey
Hikaru Sulu 2290[3]-2320s captain 2285 Capt Ep Whi
Crajjik 2308 captain 2285 Capt Ep Whi

Executive officersEdit

name dates of service rank or rate rank insignia
Henreid 2285 commander TWOK commander
Hikaru Sulu 2285, 2289 commander TWOK commander
Miguel Darby 2289 commander TWOK commander
Meredith Cutler 2289 lieutenant commander 2285 Lt Cmdr Ep Grey
Janice Rand 2290 lieutenant commander 2285 Lt Cmdr Ep Grey
Dmitri Valtane 2293 lieutenant commander 2285 Lt Cmdr Ep Grey
Sencus 2294 commander TWOK commander
Pavel Chekov 2294 commander TWOK commander

Senior staffEdit

name position dates of command rank or rate rank insignia
Dmitri Valtane chief science officer 2290s lieutenant commander 2285 Lt Cmdr Ep Grey
Janice Rand communications officer 2290 lieutenant junior grade
lieutenant commander
2270s-2350 service ltjg
2285 Lt Cmdr Ep Grey

General crew rosterEdit

name rank(s) position(s) timeframe insignia
Akaar, Leonard James Lieutenant Security Chief 2298 2270s-2350 sec lt
Anik Commander XO c.2293 TWOK commander
Azleya, Terim Lieutenant commander Chief engineer 2298 2270s-2350 flight lcdr
Chapel, Christine Commander CMO 2298 2285 Cmdr Med
Chekov, Pavel Commander XO c.2295-98 TWOK commander
Crajjik Captain CO c.2308 2285 Capt Ep Whi
Cutler, Meredith Lieutenant Commander XO early 2290 2270s-2350 cmd ltcmdr
Darby, Miguel Commander XO c.2289 TWOK commander
Garvin, Peter Commander Security Chief 2294 2270s-2350 sec cmdr
Gillespie Ensign d.2285[4] 2270s-2350 Eng Ens
Henried Commander XO TWOK commander
Kirk, James T. Rear Admiral CO c.2285 2270s-2350 cmd radm
Rand, Janice Lieutenant Commander XO/Communications officer early 2290 2285 Lt Cmdr Ep Grey
Roose, Russel Lieutenant Communications officer 2294 2270s-2350 service lt
Saavik Lieutenant Science Officer c.2285 2270s-2350 service lt
Sencus Commander XO C.2294 TWOK commander
Styles, Lawrence Captain CO c.2285 2285 Capt Ep Whi
Sulu, Hikaru Captain CO 2290-2320s 2285 Capt Ep Whi
Tuvok Lieutenant Science Officer 2293-98 2270s-2350 service lt
Valtane, Dmitri Lieutenant Commander XO/science officer until 2293 2285 Lt Cmdr Ep Grey
Scott, Montgomery Captain Chief engineer 2285 2270s-2350 flight capt
Lukas, Martin Lieutenant Commander Chief engineer c.2280s 2270s-2350 flight lcdr
Lahra Lieutenant Commander Chief engineer 2289 2270s-2350 flight lcdr
Henry, Tim Lieutenant Commander Chief engineer 2290 2270s-2350 flight lcdr
Svenson, Norquist Chief engineer 2294
Klass, Judith CMO 2289
Hans, Bernard CMO 2294
Bays, Violet Ensign Helmsman 2294 2270s-2350 Eng Ens
Keith, Heather Lieutenant helmsman 2289 2270s-2350 eng lt
Lojur Lieutenant commander helmsman 2290s 2270s-2350 flight lcdr
Renyck, Darnell Chief Petty Officer Transporter Chief 2289 2270s-2350 flight cpo
Spiros Focus Cadet 2294
Henrey Lieutenant 2294
Schmidt, Nora 2294
Pastur, Sandra Science Department 2294
Spiro, Terra Lieutenant 2289
Braun, Eric Lieutenant Junior Grade Science Department 2289 2270s-2350 service ltjg
Schulman, Christina Lieutenant Junior Science Officer 2289 2270s-2350 service ltjg
Rebovich, Melinda security 2289
Orsini, Nino security 2289
Harburg Dr. 2289
Edwards Nurse 2289
Marquez, Ramiro Ensign communications duty officer 2289[5] 2270s-2350 service ensign
McCoy, Leonard Commmander CMO 2285
Michaels, Rod
Orsini, Nino
Pastur, Sandra
Rand, Janice
Rebovich, Melinda
Renyek, Darnell
Roose, Russel
Schmidt, Nora
Schulman, Christina
Scott, Montgomery
Sherwood, Elizabeth
Spiro, Terra
Norquist Svenson
Uhura, Nyota
Valtane, Dmitri Lieutenant Commander Chief Science Officer 2291[6]-94[7] 2285 Lt Cmdr Ep Grey



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