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The USS Farragut (NCC-2582) was a Federation starship, an Excelsior-class explorer in service to Starfleet in the 24th century. (Decipher RPG modules: Starfleet Operations Manual, Starships)

History and disposition[edit | edit source]

The Farragut was decommissioned in 2358 as a cadet training vessel. She was recommissioned in 2373 for the Dominion War. (Decipher RPG module: Starfleet Operations Manual)

In 2375, the Farragut brought the genetically-enhanced humans Patrick, Jack, Lauren, and Sarina Douglas from Earth to Deep Space 9 to gain treatment for Sarina from Dr. Julian Bashir. (DS9 episode: "Chrysalis")

Later that year, the Farragut served as Admiral William Ross's flagship during the Final Battle and invasion of Cardassia Prime. (DS9 novelization: What You Leave Behind)

This Farragut is an Excelsior-class vessel with a much lower registry number than the Nebula-class USS Farragut which was destroyed in 2373 during the brief Federation-Klingon War. Because of this, it is possible that this Farragut was an older vessel which was refitted and reentered service in time for the Dominion War.

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