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The USS Farragut (NCC-60597) was a Federation Nebula-class explorer-type starship in service to Starfleet in the late 24th century. (Decipher RPG module: Starfleet Operations Manual)


In the year 2369, the Farragut, along with the USS Enterprise-D and the USS Centaur, was assigned to planet Jevalan in the Doltiri star system to provide assistance to the refugees of the recently abandoned Cardassian-run labor camps. The Farragut was assigned to deal with the Cardassian refugees, keeping them separate from the Bajorans. (ST - The Fall novel: Peaceable Kingdoms)

In 2371, the Farragut was one of three Starfleet vessels to rescue the crew of the Enterprise-D following its destruction at the hands of Lursa and B'Etor at Veridian III. (TNG movie, novelization & comic adaptation: Generations; TNG novel: Triangle: Imzadi II)

The 1996 novel The Return, features the destruction of the Farragut at the hands of the Romulans as recovery operations of the Enterprise-D were proceeding during mid-2371, despite canon describing a later fate of the vessel. It is entirely possible that a subsequent vessel was commissioned not long thereafter, and then destroyed as well in early 2373, during the events of the DS9 episode "Nor the Battle to the Strong."

Later that year, the Farragut was one of several starships that were dispatched to Bajor to help Captain Benjamin Sisko and the crew of the USS Defiant deal with the Hive crisis. (DS9 novel: Objective: Bajor)

In 2373, the Farragut was dispatched to planet Ajilon Prime to help the colonists that had suffered an attack by the Klingons. However, en route to Ajilon, she was ambushed by Klingon warships in the Lembatta Cluster and was destroyed. (DS9 episode: "Nor the Battle to the Strong", Decipher RPG module: Starfleet Operations Manual)



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Several publications, including the Star Trek Encyclopedia and, have mistakenly stated that the registry of the Farragut was NCC-60591; however, the studio model, shown in Star Trek: The Next Generation Sketchbook: The Movies, clearly reads "60597."

This ship may have been named after David Farragut, a notable American admiral.

The Farragut was transformed into one of the many Star Trek Micro Machines models, one of the few non-hero ships to receive the honor.

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