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The USS Grissom (NCC-42857) was a Federation starship, an Excelsior-class explorer serving Starfleet in the 24th century.

The first edition of ST reference: The Star Trek Encyclopedia also listed the registry of this ship as NCC-59314 (and designated it as an Oberth-class vessel) in the "Starships" chart entry. Since this was removed in later editions, for the purposes of this wiki the revised continuity is considered authoritative—but the entry seems to indicate there was an NCC-59314 vessel that pre-dated this Grissom.

Service history and disposition

The Grissom was named for Gus Grissom, an American astronaut killed during an accidental spacecraft fire in the year 1967. (NF - The Captain's Table novel: Once Burned)

In 2333, the Grissom was sent to assist the USS Stargazer, with the USS Antares and USS Reliant. (STA novel: Gauntlet)

Command of the Grissom was given to Captain Norman Kenyon after he lost his wife aboard the USS Harriman in 2365. (NF - The Captain's Table novel: Once Burned)

In 2366, the Grissom encountered the IRW Hiyll'aeh, a Romulan warbird, while testing a new sensor probe created by Lieutenant Katerina Mueller. The Grissom was able to escape the Romulans by burying themselves inside a comet. Afterwards, the Grissom went to Starbase 65. (NF - No Limits short story: "Performance Appraisal")

Later that same year, the Grissom was in the Sigma Erandi star system, when the USS Enterprise-D requested their assistance at Beta Agni II. (TNG episode: "The Most Toys")


In 2368, first officer Paullina Simons was offered her own command, and Commander Mackenzie Calhoun was assigned as her replacement. While on serving on the vessel, Commander Calhoun developed a relationship with Katrina Mueller. Soon thereafter, Grissom was sent on a diplomatic mission to Anzibar. Kenyon's brother Byron and his daughter Stephanie, both Federation diplomats, were killed by the Dufaux leader Kradius. The loss of his family drove Captain Kenyon insane, and eventually led to his suicide. (NF - The Captain's Table novel: Once Burned)

The Grissom was destroyed at the Battle of Ricktor Prime in 2375 during the Dominion War. Only six crew members survived, one of them being longtime science officer Lieutenant Chu'lak. (TNG - The Sky's the Limit short story: "Four Lights"; DS9 episode: "Field of Fire")

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