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The USS Hathaway was a Federation starship, a Constellation-class heavy destroyer/exploratory cruiser launched from the Copernicus Ship Yards in the 23rd century, presumably in the year 2285, and continuing on in Starfleet service in the 24th century. (TOS - Rihannsu novel: Honor Blade; TNG video game: Birth of the Federation)

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By the 2360s decade, the Hathaway had been decommissioned. In 2365, the Hathaway was briefly reactivated and towed into orbit of Braslota IV in the Braslota system for a Starfleet battle simulation, in which Commander William T. Riker commanded the obsolete Hathaway against the state-of-the-art Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D. Although the Hathaway ran on minimum power, had only a few shards of dilithium, and no antimatter fuel, Riker's away team managed to reactivate the ship and place it in sufficient condition for simulated combat in only 48 hours.

USS Hathaway-01

Hathaway in 2365.

The battle proceeded well and Riker was able to outwit Captain Jean-Luc Picard on several occasions. Unfortunately, the war games were interrupted by the intrusion of a Ferengi D'Kora-class starship, the Kreechta, whose DaiMon, Bractor, believed that the two starships were engaged in real combat. Thinking that the Hathaway must be of great value to be fighting against the Enterprise, the Ferengi demanded the Hathaway's immediate surrender after disabling the Enterprise.

Fortunately, the combined crews of the Enterprise and Hathaway formulated a plan in which it was made to appear as if the Enterprise destroyed the Hathaway to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. In reality, the Hathaway had merely made a split-second warp jump, thanks to the resourcefulness of Wesley Crusher, the instant before photon torpedoes, launched by the Enterprise, were detonated. Its potential prize destroyed, the Ferengi retreated. Following the exercise, the Hathaway was towed to the nearest starbase. (TNG episode: "Peak Performance")

In early 2368, the Hathaway was once again recalled to active duty and served in the task force that blockaded the Klingon-Romulan border during the Klingon Civil War. (TNG episode: "Redemption, Part II")



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It is possible this vessel had an ongoing service record and was also the USS Hathaway mentioned in TTN novel: The Red King. Additionally, the disposition of that Hathaway was never specified, meaning there is a somewhat unlikely chance that vessel was kept in service in some way and was also the 25th century vessel described in ST website: The Path to 2409 and STO novel: The Needs of the Many.

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