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The USS Hawking (NCC-618) was a Federation starship, an Oberth-class science vessel in Starfleet service in the 23rd century, one of a number of Federation vessels to bear the name Hawking, named after the famed Human scientist from the history of the planet Earth, Professor Stephen Hawking.

Service history and disposition

Mia Colt served on the Hawking prior to being transferred to the USS Enterprise in the year 2254. (EV comic: "Nor Iron Bars a Cage")

Commander Anne Gauvreau was offered command of the Hawking at some point in the late 2250s or early 2260s decades. She turned down this offer, as she had expected to be offered command of the Constitution-class USS Yorktown. (TOS novel: Prime Directive)

Elizabeth Cassady was given command of the ship in 2270 at the urging of James T. Kirk. (TOS - Mission's End comic: "Issue 5")

In the 2280s, the Hawking was used in Starfleet Academy bridge crew training simulations in its guise as an unmanned research project test ship which was used to create a duplicate of the Miranda-class light cruiser USS Tempest in a simulated mission. (TOS video game: Starfleet Academy)

This vessel was eventually succeeded in bearing the name Hawking by the late 24th century, when the Nebula-class USS Hawking was in service. (ST video game: Armada II)



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The Hawking was seen in-game in TOS video game: Starfleet Academy with the given name and registry number clearly written on her hull. However, data taken from the in-game library computer also shows the USS Lake in this role with the same registry number.

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