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The USS Heisenberg was a Federation starship in service in the 23rd century. The vessel was commanded by Garth of Izar.

In 2251, the Heisenberg visited Antos IV, where Captain Garth was seriously injured in a transporter accident. Given the technique of cellular metamorphosis by the Antosians, which allowed him to change forms, Garth was also driven mad and, when he returned to the Heisenberg, he attempted to destroy Antos IV. His bridge crew, including his first officer Liang Jin and Fatima Baksh forcibly removed Captain Garth from command, although he killed Jin and his second officer. Years later, Baksh was still haunted by what had happened. (TOS novel: Garth of Izar)

The incident was remembered by Paul Stamets, recalling how Captain Garth had rechristened his ship as the USS Ares during the attempted genocide. (DISC novel: Dead Endless)


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