This is an illustrated roster of Starfleet personnel assigned to the USS Hood vessels.

USS Hood (NCC-1703) ListEdit

name rank(s) position(s) timeframe insignia
Banks, Jamal
Barton, Glen Captain CO c. 2260s[1] Yel Capt 2266
Chin, Kai
Craig, Lyle Commodore CO c.2270[2] Yel Comm 2266
Dodge, Kenneth Captain CO c. 2260s[3] Yel Capt 2266
Kyle, John Commander XO[4] Rank starfleet 2270s-2350s sciences-operations commander shoulder
Martinez, Joaquin
M'Ress, Shiboline Lieutenant 3rd shift Com officer c. 2266[5]
Paultic, Alan
Revere, Hugo Captain CO c. 2269[6] 2250s conn captain sleeve
Rousseau, Mark Captain CO c. 2256[7] 2250s conn captain sleeve
Stuart Commander XO c. 2268[8]
Verda, Gauri
Yudrin, Phelana 2nd officer

USS Hood (NCC-42296) ListEdit

name rank(s) position(s) timeframe insignia
Abrams Ensign Security Officer c. 2377[9] Yel Ens 2373
Buonfiglio Commander XO c. 2376[10] 2370s cmd cmdr
Consuela Engineering 2361
Czierniewski, Tara Lieutenant Chief Engineer c. 2371 Yel Lt 2371
Dayrit, Manolet Lieutenant Security Chief c.2371 Yel Lt 2371
DeSoto, Robert Captain CO c. 2361-78 2370s cmd capt
Green, Randy 2361
Hayat, Ellen Security Guard death prior to 2376
Holverson, Roberta c. 2360s
Hsu, Baifang Lieutenant Conn Officer c. 2371 Red Lt 2371
Kojima, José Ensign Ops officer c. 2371 Yel Ens 2371
La Forge, Geordi Lieutenant junior grade Conn Officer 2363-2364 2350s cmd ltjg
Mora, Davis Lieutenant Chief Engineer c.2367[11]
Orzon, Flad Security Officer 2361
Riker, William T. Lieutenant commander XO 2361-2364 2350s cmd ltcmdr
Tyrdall, Laura Ensign 2361
Voyskunsky, Dina Lieutenant commander XO d. 2374 2370s cmd ltcmdr
Weiss, Liliane Security Guard

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