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The USS Hornet (NCC-45231) was a Renaissance-class Federation starship in service in the late 24th century.

Service history[edit | edit source]

The Hornet was part of Captain Jean-Luc Picard's hurriedly thrown-together task force that blockaded the Klingon-Romulan border during the Klingon Civil War in 2368. The ships of this task force formed a tachyon detection grid in order to detect cloaked ships trying to make it over the border. (TNG episode: "Redemption, Part II")

The Hornet was commanded by Captain Peterson. (TNG novelization: Relics)

In 2370, Security chief Flad Orzon was killed while on shore leave on Altair III. (TNG comic: "The Last Verse")

By 2370 the Hornet was commanded by Nora Hagler and James McRobb was the ship's Chief engineer. (TNG comic: "Gateway")

During the latter stages of the Dominion War, the Hornet put in for repairs at Deep Space 9 in 2375. (DS9 episode: "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges")

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The Hornet's class and registry number come from the Starship Mission Status chart first seen on a viewscreen in "Brothers".
The Hornet is named after ten ships of the British Royal Navy and eight ships of the American United States Navy.

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