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The USS Huron (NCC-F1913) was a Federation freighter, with a complement of three crew members, in service in the late 23rd century. In 2270, the Huron was commanded by Captain Svenquist O'Shea.
(Alan Dean Foster gave the crew of the Huron the names John Elijah and a Mr. Fushi in Star Trek Log Five, his prose conversion of the animated cartoons "The Ambergris Element," "The Pirates of Orion," and "The Jihad," in that order. He also gave O'Shea a preference for communicating with grunts rather than words, a clubbed right foot, and as a result of his clubbed right foot, the need to wear a right regulation boot with a platform sole.)

In 2270, the Huron was assigned to transport urgently needed strobolin to the USS Enterprise when the latter ship's Executive Officer-Science Officer, Commander Spock, had become stricken with choriocytosis--a temporary nuisance to iron-based blood life like the Human species, but deadly to the Vulcan species, a copper-based blood life race, without treatment. On its way to the rendezvous, the Huron fell victim to an attack from an Orion pirate ship, and its propulsion systems were disabled.

Shortly after, the Enterprise arrived to rescue the crew of the Huron. Unfortunately, the ship itself was discovered to be unsalvageable, and had to be scuttled. (TAS episode: "The Pirates of Orion")