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The USS James T. Kirk (NCC-63719) was an Akira-class starship in operation with the Federation Starfleet in the late 2370s and early 2380s. Named in honor of the legendary 23rd century Starfleet officer James T. Kirk, she had an illustrious service history which included exploration and defensive missions.

Service history[]

From 2379 to 2381, she was commanded by Captain Elias Vaughn, former first officer of Starbase Deep Space 9 and Starfleet Intelligence operative.

In 2380, the crew detected unusual energy readings from Endalla and discovered Ohalavaru members were planning to blast away sections of the surface of the moon. Vaughn asked Benjamin Sisko to talk to the Ohalavaru leader Rejias Norvan and keep Rejias and his followers distracted long enough for Vaughn's away team to disable the transporter inhibitors preventing the Kirk from transporting the Ohalavaru off the moon. Most of the Ohalavaru were transported away, but Rejias and six others activated their own inhibitors. Rejias fired at his excavators, causing a huge explosion that killed himself and the other six individuals. (DS9 novel: Original Sin)

During the Borg Invasion of 2381, the James T. Kirk was instrumental in Starfleet's defense of the planet Alonis from a fleet of six Borg cubes. Using both conventional and special purpose transphasic weaponry, the Kirk single handedly destroyed three cubes. During an attack run on a fourth cube following the disabling of the USS New York, the James T. Kirk was severely damaged and disabled. Captain Vaughn decided to ram the cube in an effort to disable it, but altered the ship's heading, causing the Kirk to impact the outer hull indirectly.

Nearly one-third of the cube was destroyed from the actions of the James T. Kirk and her crew, but the ship was severely damaged in the process and both of her warp nacelles were destroyed. Thirty-one members of the James T. Kirk's crew were killed during the battle, and Captain Vaughn was pronounced brain dead from his injuries. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Rough Beasts of Empire)

Embarked craft[]

Alternate timeline[]

In a timeline where the Battle of Wolf 359 didn't occur, Captain William T. Riker of the USS Enterprise-D saw the James T. Kirk at Starbase 234 from an airlock of Callendra Station. (ST - Myriad Universes novel: The Embrace of Cold Architects)



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