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The USS Jefferies (NCC-1750) was a Federation Starfleet shuttlecraft in service during the mid-to-late 23rd century.

Service historyEdit

At some point prior to stardate 2821.5 of the year 2267, the Jefferies was stationed on or near planet Earth, and made a landing at the Presidio in San Francisco. Also in attendance was the USS Enterprise's Class F shuttlecraft Galileo, and three other small craft. (Ships of the Line 2017)



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Jefferies shuttlecraft sketches

Matt Jefferies' design sketches.

The Jefferies was rendered by artist David Morton for the 2017 edition of the Ships of the Line calendars series.

Star Trek: The Original Series art director and production designer, Matt Jefferies, originally designed this teardrop-shaped shuttle for the TOS episode: "The Galileo Seven" but, due to the curved hull being expensive to reproduce, the now familiar flat-sided F-class shuttlecraft was constructed instead. (ST reference: The Art of Star Trek; Star Trek: The Magazine Issue 12: "Designing the Galileo Shuttlecraft")

The Jefferies's hull pennants indicate that it is independantly registered (like the Danube-class runabouts of the 24th century) as, unlike auxilliary craft of starships, space stations or other installations, it doesn't have any supplemental numbering/lettering.
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