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The USS Khitomer (NCC-66613) was a Federation Noble-class cruiser active in the early 25th century. (STO episode: "Tutorial")


In 2409 the Khitomer went to investigate a number of anomalies in the Pollux system, and was assisted by USS Renown and a Miranda-class crewed by the Starfleet Academy Class of 2409 and formerly commanded by Masc Taggart. The anomalies proved the first sign of a Borg incursion and the Khitomer was disabled and boarded. The Renown assisted the Khitomer in repelling boarders and repairs, while the Miranda-class traveled to Vega IX to warn the Vega colony of the approaching Borg. (STO mission: "Communication Breakdown")

After repairs the Khitomer and Renown were reinforced by USS Defiant and Armitage and raced to the colony, where they assisted the field-commissioned cadets in destroying the Borg cube leading the fleet. (STO mission: "Assimilation of the Innocent")




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The Miranda-class mentioned above is unnamed, as it is the Federation player character's starting ship and thus its name and registry are left up to the player.

Prior to a revamp of the Federation tutorial on 12 November 2013 the Khitomer appeared in the mission "Khitomer Crisis". The Federation PC had to personally beam over to fight the boarding parties.


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