This page details a counterpart of SS Kobayashi Maru in the Kelvin timeline; for the SS Kobayashi Maru in the primary universe see SS Kobayashi Maru.
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In the Kelvin timeline, the USS Kobayashi Maru (ECS-1022[1]/NCC-S3700[2]) was a Federation starship, a neutronic fuel carrier freighter in service to Starfleet and the Earth Cargo Service in the 2250s decade. (TOS movie: Star Trek, TOS video game: Rivals)


In the 2250s decade, Commander Spock programmed the Kobayashi Maru scenario for training purposes at Starfleet Academy, and included the Kobayashi Maru. In the scenario, the Kobayashi Maru came under attack from Klingon warbirds inside the Federation-Klingon Neutral Zone.

In 2255, Cadets James T. Kirk and Gaila manipulated the program so that Kirk would win the scenario by destroying the warbirds and transporting the entire crew off the Maru. (TOS movie: Star Trek)

The Kobayashi Maru, now with the registry NCC-S3700, was an active starship around 2258. (TOS video game: Rivals)

On stardate 2258.61, Starfleet Command tested the new commanding officer of the USS Aegis in the scenario. In the simulation, the Maru had a crew of 381. (ST video game: Bridge Crew)



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