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The USS Le Guin[1] (NCC-325060[2]) was a 32nd century Federation starship, a Mars-class[2] scout[3] in Starfleet service in the 3180s decade. Its commanding officer was Captain Bandra. The ship operated from the hidden Federation Headquarters space station. (DSC episode: "Scavengers")

Service history and disposition

When the time-displaced 23rd century starship USS Discovery reported for duty at Federation HQ in the year 3189, Le Guin was visible on the Discovery bridge's viewscreen. Lieutenant Commander Nhan identified the Le Guin as a scout and wondered what its range was like. (DSC episode: "Die Trying")

Three weeks later, Bandra was one of the captains present at a briefing when Commander in Chief Vance revealed the existence and significance of Discovery's displacement activated spore hub drive. Vanced ordered Bandra to take the Le Guin on a two-month supply run to Na'Seth. (DSC episode: "Scavengers")



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