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The USS Leondegrance[2] (NCC-2176)[2] was a 23rd[1] and 24th[2] century Federation starship, a Lancelot-class[1] cruiser[2] in Starfleet service from the 2280s to the 2330s[1] decade. (PIC episodes: "Remembrance", "The Star Gazer")

Service history and disposition

The Leondegrance launched in the year 2288. The Lancelot-class vessel, derived from the older Walker-class starship, served as a workhorse ship for Starfleet. The vessel's most notable commanding officer was Captain Nyota Uhura.

Under Uhura, the ship embarked on a five-year mission in the early 2300s. From 2301 to 2305, the Leondegrance participated in over hundred first contact missions in the Small Magellanic Cloud, outside the Milky Way Galaxy. (PIC episode: "The Star Gazer")

Starfleet had previously made contact with the Neyel Hegemony there during an unscheduled trip of the USS Excelsior, commanded by Uhura's former crewmate Hikaru Sulu, in 2298. (TLE novel: The Sundered)

From the 2317 onwards, the Leondegrance was attached to Starfleet Academy as a training vessel, remaining under Captain Uhura's command until her retirement in 2333. (PIC episode: "The Star Gazer")

On 4 April 2327, Senior Cadet Jean-Luc Picard traveled aboard the Leondegrance while it broke the lightspeed barrier. A sketch of the Leondegrance appeared on a certificate awarded to Picard for joining the Speed of Light Club after travelling faster than light. (Picard: The First Duty exhibition)

In 2336, the Leondegrance was decommissioned. (PIC episode: "The Star Gazer")

The plague, listing the ship's history, at Starfleet Academy.

By 2399, the Leondegrance certificate was held in Picard's section of the Starfleet Archive Museum on planet Earth. (PIC episode: "Remembrance")

A commemorative plaque of the Leondegrance, detailing its history, was on display at Starfleet Academy in 2401. Admiral Picard passed by it when he approached Cadet Elnor for a conversation. (PIC episode: "The Star Gazer")




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  • The certificate appeared in the PIC episode: "Remembrance" but is not well visible. The prop was on display at the Picard: The First Duty exhibition in 2019.
  • Leondegrance is a figure from Human mythology.

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