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The USS Lincoln was an Intrepid-class Federation starship in service in the 24th century. During the 2370s, the Lincoln was commanded by Captain Vince Newport.

In 2376, the Lincoln was escorting the two independent freighters Vulpecula and Arch-Merchant near the Cardassian border when they encountered the mysterious space vessel Enigma. Due to the holographic illusions created by the Quanta, the crew of the Lincoln believed that they had emerged from Enigma and continued on with their mission.

However, after taking aboard Wayne Omthon from the holographic illusion of the Vulpecula, many of the crew started to believe that they were still inside Enigma, but Captain Newport refused to believe this and became increasingly paranoid, leading his first officer and many other crewmembers plotting a mutiny against him. When Lieutenant Commander Sonya Gomez and a team from the USS da Vinci was brought aboard the Lincoln they managed to get Newport onside by playing to his paranoid delusions, while the da Vinci worked on shutting down Enigma. (SCE eBook: Enigma Ship)

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