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The USS Lionheart (NCC-73808) was a Federation starship, a Nova-class vessel in service to Starfleet in the late 24th century. It had been modified to function as a medical cruiser.

Service history and disposition[]

In September 2385, following the retirement of Captain Briggs, Rear Admiral William T. Riker assigned Commander Christine Vale to the Lionheart as its temporary commanding officer with the rank of brevet captain. Vale was to deliver the Lionheart to Starbase 47 where its new CO, Captain Ainsworth, would assume command. However, Riker also ordered Vale to investigate what happened to Doctor Julian Bashir at Andor, and where he was being detained. This led to the Lionheart stopping off at the Jaros II Detention Barracks Complex so Vale could speak to inmate Ezri Dax while medical supplies were delivered.

Once the Lionheart had left Jaros II, Vale received a secret subspace communication from Lieutenant Commander Sarina Douglas of Deep Space 9 (II) with the location of where Bashir was imprisoned. The Lionheart altered course to the concealed asteroid outpost in a star system proximate to the Betreka Nebula. Despite warnings to leave the system, Lionheart approached the asteroid. Control of the ship was then taken by Commander Chessman using her prefix code, but Vale ordered chief engineer Basoos Kader to overload the warp engines which knocked out main power. This action forced Chessman to tractor the Lionheart in for repairs, giving Vale the chance to speak to Bashir.

After the arrival of Andorian Empire starships ADS Mat-Rus and ambassadorial transport Kree-thai, Bashir was released to Ramasanar ch'Nuillan with assistance from Vale and Deanna Troi. Vale, having completed her part in Riker's plan, relinquished command of the Lionheart to its first officer, Commander Atia. Vale departed with Troi aboard the Kree-thai and Lionheart continued to Starbase 47. (ST - The Fall novel: The Poisoned Chalice)




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