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The USS Madrid was a Federation starship, a Yamato-class dreadnought cruiser in Starfleet service in the 2410s decade. (STO: New Dawn short story: Post War Era #1: Token of Honor)

Service history and disposition

Following the end of the Iconian War in 2410, the Madrid traveled to Trafalax III because long-range sensors detected rich tritanium deposits on the planet. The Madrid and the IKS Leng arrived at the same time, and a standoff resulted when both Captain Trox and Ka'ar, son of Muuda, laid claim to the world. Trox cited the USS Belize's visit to Trafalax III in the year 2407 to support the Federation's claim.

The standoff was defused by Gatar, first officer of the Leng, when she negotiated a deal with Trox to split the mining rewards easily, except for granting the Klingons one kilogram more ore per year. The resolution was equitable and allowed Captain Ka'ar to claim victory in the standoff of Trafalax III. (STO video game: New Dawn short story: Post War Era #1: Token of Honor)

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