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The USS Masada (NCC-293391) was a 23rd century Federation starship, a Ptolemy-class class I transport tug in Starfleet service in the 2260s decade.

Service history and disposition[]

In the 2260s, Masada was under the command of Lieutenant Kevin Keeler.

The Masada was hijacked by Elasi pirates in the year 2269 while in the Beta Myamid star system. The Elasi commander, Cereth ajElasi, held the crew hostage in hopes of exchanging them for the release of Elasi criminals held captive by the Federation. His plans were disrupted by the USS Enterprise when that ship used the prefix code of the Masada to lower its deflector shields and beam over a boarding party of Captain James T. Kirk, Lieutenant Commander Spock, Doctor Leonard McCoy and Lieutenant Christensen to free the hostages. Kirk gained access to the bridge and was able to convince Cereth and his pirates to stand down. (TOS video game: 25th Anniversary)


The Masada had a crew complement of 17 and its primary mission was to tow and repair disabled ships.

Masada's prefix code was 293391-197736-3829.

This vessel has an unusually high registry number. Unlike the USS Reliant in TOS movie: The Wrath of Khan, the registry number also forms part of the ship's prefix code.

Crew manifest[]



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Several different outcomes are possible in the scenario in which this ship appears, most of which will lead to a reduced score.

  • If Kirk repeatedly hails the Masada, Cereth will kill a hostage each time they are hailed, eventually resulting in mission failure if enough hostages are killed. Strangely, if Cereth kills only one hostage, it is still possible to achieve a perfect score - even though this can easily be avoided.
  • If the boarding party fails to deactivate the bomb inside the ship's brig before turning off the force field, it will detonate, killing all the hostages trapped inside. This outcome will severely reduce the mission score.
  • It is also possible to destroy the ship, if Kirk opts to beam the bomb on the bridge, killing everyone and destabilizing its orbit. This is considered a failed scenario.
  • It is also possible to choose more aggressive dialogue choices once on the bridge. One option results in the Elasi opening fire on Kirk's boarding party, killing Lt. Christensen and requiring the player to either stun or kill the pirates. The other dialogue option results in Cereth sabotaging the ship's helm before surrendering, causing the orbit to decay, which the player must then fix. Either of these choices results in a reduced score for the mission.

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