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The USS Mercury (NCC-47902) was a Federation starship, the Mercury-class pilot escort prototype, in Starfleet service in the 25th century. (STO - Iconian War mission: "Blood of Ancients")


The Mercury was one of three prototype pilot escort starships launched by Starfleet in response to the Iconian assault on the Alpha Quadrant Alliance in the year 2410. Command of the Mercury to veteran pilot Captain Tom Paris, a former Starfleet admiral.

Shortly after the initial volleys of the war, the Mercury defended the Alliance against the Iconians' minions, the Heralds, at Starbase 234, New Romulus and Lae'nas III. (STO - Iconian War mission: "Blood of Ancients")

Shortly after, Captain Paris led a task force to destroy a vital Solanae installation in the Calbriden star system. The task force was successful in preventing the Solanae from creating a pocket of tetryon space in the system. (STO - Iconian War mission: "Delta Flight")

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