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The USS Monitor was a Federation starship, a Galaxy-class explorer in Starfleet service in the 24th century.

Service history and dispositionEdit

This vessel was a successor, named after an earlier vessel, the Fortunate-class USS Monitor.

Monitor bridge

The partially assimilated bridge of the USS Monitor

In the year 2377, the Monitor fell victim to the Warden nanite virus. Almost the entire crew was infected and were ready to take the vessel into battle as part of the civil war that had engulfed the entire galaxy with much of the galactic population under Warden control. A handful of survivors managed to put out a distress call but it was first detected by the Borg. In their desire to purge the galaxy of the Warden threat the Borg began to assimilate the Monitor.

The distress signal was also detected by the USS Incursion who located the Monitor and sent an away team to investigate. Only five of the ships entire crew managed to survive both the Warden nanites and Borg assimilation and the Incursion's away team located them and beamed them to safety. Whilst on board the away team inadvertently triggered a Borg self destruct program and only just managed to escape the Monitor before the Borg destroyed her by flying the vessel into a nearby star. (ST video game: Away Team)



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