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The USS Montana (NCC-1889) was a Federation Starfleet Archer-class courier starship in service in the 23rd century. In the 2260s/70s, the Montana was responsible for ferrying high ranking diplomats and politicians. The position of commanding officer on the Montana was thus considered an honor. (TOS novel: Savage Trade)

History[edit | edit source]

On stardate 6097.4, the Montana was inbound for the Gibraltar system. On behalf of the Federation Council, the Montana transported Special Representative Valek to Outpost Zeta Gibraltar to decide the political status of the Excalbian refugees living on the planet.

Captain Haynes also brought orders from Admiral Howe for Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise to cooperate with the charges of Outpost Zeta Gibraltar. The Montana's transporter chief, McGillicuty, was eager to get Special Representative Valek off the ship.

Valek, made plenipotentiary of the Gibraltar system, ordered the Enterprise and Montana to remain in the system to protect the science outpost and the Excalbian asylum-seekers from L'rah'hane pirates. Five weeks later, on stardate 6100.9, the Montana was violently snatched from Zeta Gibraltar's orbit by Excalbian starships using tractor beams. Commander Anvit threatened to destroy the Montana but was talked out of it by Captain Kirk. On stardate 6100.9, the Excalbians made up for their mistreatment of the Montana by extracting refined dilithium from deep within Zeta Gibraltar's crust, to replace the crystals destroyed during the kidnap. Because the Montana was still undergoing repairs, Valek chose the Enterprise to ferry her to negotiations on Sandora Prime. (TOS novel: Savage Trade)

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