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The USS Morgan (NCC-72392) was a Federation starship, a Nova-class science vessel in Starfleet service in the early 25th century. (STO short story: "Mirror Image, Part I", from Star Trek Magazine #44)

Service history and dispositionEdit

In the year 2409, the Morgan operated in the orbit of the class Y planet Nukara Prime to process the refugees, prisoners liberated from the Tholian Assembly, who had abducted them from the mirror universe. Captain Va'Kel Shon was dispatched by Starfleet Command to the Morgan to interrogate his mirror counterpart Val Shon. Counselor Jak Trem had been unable to find rapport with Val Shon. Jak and Phillipa Matthias observed the interrogation via feed from the counselor's office. The two Shons came to an agreement and escaped to the mirror universe. Only Va'Kel Shon returned from the excursion. (STO short story: "Mirror Image, Part I", "Mirror Image, Part II")

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