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The USS Nimitz (original registry NCC-3211-C, changed to NCC-3211) was a Federation Proxima-class battleship starship in Starfleet service in the 23rd century. From the 2260s to the 2290s, the Nimitz was rebuilt and refit to new specifications, a transition that resulted in a change in the ship's registry. (ST video game: Legacy)

No specific history or definitive final fate was established for this vessel as its name was selected for a battleship by the Legacy game developers, and is sometimes placed randomly when the ship appears.

This is one of a number of ships to be so named, succeeding the earlier Larson-class USS Nimitz and followed by another USS Nimitz by the 2360s decade. (FASA RPG module: Federation Ship Recognition Manual; TNG novel: A Rock and a Hard Place, VOY - The Brave and the Bold, Book Two novella: The Third Artifact)


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