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The USS Nobel (NCC-90380) was a Federation starship, a Hope-class starship in service to Starfleet from the late 24th to the early 25th century. (ST website: The Path to 2409, STO video game: Star Trek Online)

History and dispositionEdit

The Nobel was stationed near the Romulan Neutral Zone at the time of the Hobus supernova in 2387. After the disaster it was among the ships ordered to cross the border and render humanitarian aid. The Nobel headed towards the ruins of the Romulus system in search of Praetor Chulan but found only the bodies of Chulan and the Senate's ruling council floating in space near their derelict shuttle. (ST website: The Path to 2409)

In 2409, the Nobel was under the command of Captain Sepek. The Nobel was sent on a mission to the Cirini system whereafter the ship was captured by Romulans, and stripped almost bare. During the battle, Sepek was killed and Lieutenant Commander Ran Meru, who was the last senior staff officer alive, took command. Many of the crew were beamed down to the surface where they were made to work on getting Borg technology to be used by the Romulans.

The Nobel was rescued by another Starfleet ship, who broke the Romulan blockade, defeated the Romulan ships in orbit, beamed down an away team, and rescued the captured crewmembers. The vessel was escorted to Starbase 39-Sierra. (STO mission: "Project Nightingale")

Prior to the vessel's disappearance, the Nobel had been sent to investigate a Borg sphere in the Pilatus system. (STO mission: "By Any Means")

The Nobel was a part of Federation fleet that assisted and defeated an Undine Tethys-class dreadnought in the Draylon system. (STO mission: "War Games")



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