The USS Odyser was a 24th century Federation Starfleet starship assigned as a training vessel for Starfleet Academy in the 2360s decade.

Service history and dispositionEdit

In the year 2368, the Odyser was under the authority of Proctor Keane, and was traveling in company with the USS Tubman near Gamma Ysalis on training maneuvers.

One of the maneuvers involved the Odyser flying formation with Tubman while a crew of cadets attempted to repair the Tubman impulse engine's and escape from an asteroid belt. The Odyser was monitoring when the Tubman accidentally ran afoul of an illegal Catarr space station in the debris field, and moved to assist. A Catarr starship attacked the Odyser and disabled its power systems. No lives were lost and the Odyser crew were rescued by the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG comic: "Wet Behind the Ears")

The Odyser name and registry were barely visible on the ship's hull in one panel of the comic.


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