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The USS Olympia was a Federation starship in Starfleet service in the 24th century. It is best remembered for its historic voyage in the Beta Quadrant. It was commanded by Captain Lisa Cusak, with another crewmember being Commander Gatsby.

Service historyEdit

The Olympia left Federation territory in 2363 and spent eight years in the Beta Quadrant before returning home in 2371.

In that year, the Olympia entered the Rutharian sector, where it discovered an energy barrier around a planet in a solar system. It scanned the barrier, causing a quantum reaction which damaged the Olympia, causing it to enter the planet's atmosphere and crash.

When Captain Cusak sent a distress call from one of the Olympia's escape pods, the energy barrier sent the signal into the future, where it was detected by the crew of the USS Defiant.

Benjamin Sisko, Miles O'Brien and Julian Bashir landed in the Chaffee near the wreckage several days later, where they discovered Cusak had been dead for more than three years. (DS9 episode: "The Sound of Her Voice")

During the Beta Quadrant mission, the Olympia explored the periphery of the Gum Nebula, paving the way for future Starfleet exploration here. In 2380, the USS Titan broke the Olympia's record of furthest distance travelled in the Beta Quadrant. (TTN novel: Orion's Hounds)



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