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The USS Palmares was a Federation starship, a Soyuz-class light cruiser in Starfleet service in the 2270s decade. Its commanding officer was Captain Jaulas nd'Omdeshef. (TOS novel: The Higher Frontier)

Service history and disposition[]

In 2279, the Palmares was part of Admiral James T. Kirk's task force, established to relocate the New Humans to the Medusan Complex and out of reach of the genocidal Naazh.

In that year, the Palmares rendezvoused with Kirk's flagship, the USS Enterprise, and the Medusan starship Chrysaor, a diplomatic transport.

Later, the Palmares was transported into the "weird universe either time" within the Medusan Complex, to deliver the New Humans to the refuge planet Ceto. During the Battle of Ceto, the Palmares suffered heavy damage, trailing plasma, losing subspace antennas, and having one of its shuttlebays and the surrounding hull breached. (TOS novel: The Higher Frontier)




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The Palmares was named for a community of escaped slaves on Earth.