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The USS Pastak (NCV-474438-G) was a Federation starship, a Wells-class science vessel timeship in service to the Starfleet Temporal Integrity Commission in the 27th and 29th centuries. The ship's commanding officer was Captain Benjamin Walker. (STO mission: "Temporal Ambassador", STO short story: "Recruitment Drive")

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Due to the Pastak's routine time-travelling, events are listed in the chronological order of the ship's subjective timeline.

In the year 2409 of an alternate timeline, the temporally displaced USS Enterprise-C attempted to escape from a Tholian base in the Azure Nebula. The Pastak arrived to defend the Enterprise against Tholian vessels and single-handedly destroyed a Tarantula-class dreadnought. Following the defeat of the Tholian flotilla, the Pastak ensured the Enterprise's return through the temporal rift to the Narendra system in 2344. (STO mission: "Temporal Ambassador")

In 2410, the Pastak responded to a distress call from Kal Dano, only to arrive too late. With the aid of a member of the Alpha Quadrant Alliance, the Pastak retrieved the body of Kal Dano. (STO - Future Proof mission: "Stormbound")

Pastak's bridge, with Kal Dano on the transporter pad.

Later, the Pastak chased Na'kuhl operatives through the time-stream. During the chase, the ship tumbled through the Hobus supernova again (2387), visited 23rd century Excalbia, to a time two months before the loss of the USS Defiant. (STO short story: "Gentle Repose")

The Pastak's latest mission was to bring a great 25th century captain to the signing ceremony of the Temporal Accords. (STO short story: "'Time and Tide" Episode")

In 2769, the Pastak was part of the Federation forces protecting the Temporal Accords signing ceremony at New Khitomer against Na'kuhl and rogue Krenim Imperium attackers. (STO - Future Proof mission: "Time and Tide")

To start predicting the Na'kuhl assaults on the time stream rather than reacting to them, Commander Nereda conferred with Captain Walker to focus on ships named Enterprise, specifically the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701). (STO short story: "Preemptive Planning")

Following the disruption of the Temporal Accords ceremony, Captain Walker and Commander Nereda discussed a possible alliance between the rogue Krenim scientist Noye from the 25th century, Na'kuhl leader General Vosk of the 29th and Sphere Builders of the 26th. The Pastak's officers agreed to contact Timot Danlen of the 31st century, who had more experience with Vosk and the Sphere Builders. (STO short story: "The Aftermath")

Back in the year 2769, both Captain Walker and Commander Nereda met Commander Drij at New Khitomer Station and assigned the Orion Klingon Defense Force specialist to uncover information about General Vosk and the Na'kuhl. (STO short story: "Diplomatic Fallout")

In the 29th century, the Pastak and a 2410 Alpha Quadrant Alliance starship battled the NV Destiny and its fleet in the Na'kuhl system. During the battle, the Pastak' called for reinforcements. (STO - Future Proof mission: "The Temporal Front")

Captains Vakek of the USS Tempus and S'eeris of the USS Poh interrupted their conversation to respond to the distress call sent by the Pastak. (STO short story: "New Episode: Temporal Front")

During Walker's birthday, the captain advises Nereda that the Na'kuhl targeted his ancestral timeline, starting with John Williams Walker. In the case of a timeline disruption, Nereda assured Walker that she was ready to take command of the Pastak. (STO short story: "Once Per Year")

To preserve the timeline, the Pastak stranded Ensign Jacob Black, possessed by the Redjac entity, in London on Earth in 1888. (STO short story: "The Demon of Whitechapel")

On the holodeck, Walker and Nereda observed how their mirror universe counterparts of the ISS Pastak wreaked havoc on the timeline. Fortunately, these changes had already been negated. (STO short story: "My Own Worst Enemy")

Following a reconnaissance mission to the 2260s decade, Walker returned to the Pastak in the 27th century and, together with Nereda, chose two natives of that era for recruitment as temporal agents. (STO short story: "Recruitment Drive")

In 2410, the Pastak ferried Vice Admiral T'nae to the Pictae system. A team of specialists was standing by to reintegrate T'nae with her temporally displaced counterpart from the "Yesterday's Enterprise timeline", recovered from an abandoned Tal Shiar prison camp on Pictae by Agent Timot Danlen and former Romulan empress Sela. (STO - Yesterday's War mission: "Survivor")

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