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The USS Phoenix, renamed briefly by the Romulans as Alth'Indor, was a Starfleet starship developed in the alternate future timeline generated by the War of the Prophets created by the formation of the red wormhole through the activation of the Red Orbs of Jalbador.


The USS Phoenix was a 3 kilometer long starship and was one of the largest vessels constructed. It possessed up to 48 Transwarp engines with the purpose of allowing the ship to go back in time on a one way trip as the timeship was incapable of surviving a second trip. It was capable of multi-vector assault mode allowing the ship to split into three different parts. It included a secondary battle bridge.

It possessed a crew of only 22 though it could function with only almost half that number as the remaining were engineers who were responsible for deploying the ships temporal warheads. The separate stations possessed enclosed seats with restraint webbings that kept the crew secured. Holographic advanced computer displays allowed them to maintain the ships functions. It also possessed a medical bay which generated a holographic medical team to treat injured crews though they did not have extensive knowledge on Klingon biology.

Its weapon capabilities were not known though it did possess several deep-time charges with the intended purpose of destroying Bajor before the fusion of the blue wormhole and the red wormhole.


The starship was created as part of Project Phoenix in 2395 and was overseen by Fleet Admiral Jean-Luc Picard as a way of defeating the threat posed by the Bajoran Ascendancy. It made use of Borg technology that was traded with the Federation as part of the Treaty of Wolf 359.

The ship was being constructed at the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards where the Integrated Systems Manager, Captain Nog, administrated the building of the timeship.


Part of the dedication plate was chosen by Admiral Picard which read as "..Sokath, his eyes uncovered..."

(DS9 novel: Millennium The War of the Prophets)

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